a Tragedy in iraq

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a Tragedy in iraq

Postby jelly on Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:24 pm

There was a bad day in the army this week. With all the stresses of deployment things have happened that shouldn’t have. When you are deployed there is so much stress you couldn’t even start to understand. Well this week 2 lives were taken and one wounded by a fellow soldier. This isn’t good and never should have happened. What makes people think its ok to give people live rounds and then start to push them around? You can only push someone so much before they snap. This isn’t the first time it has happen, it happened in 2008 with a sister unit. People really need to think about others and how others react to stress because in this case it was stress that pushed a fellow soldier to kill others. Deployment is stressful and depressing enough so why add to it, it just doesn’t make and sense. I hate hearing about think like this because it can always be prevented. Prevention starts with the leadership but also extends to the civilians. It’s the civilians that can help by showing support to them and letting them know that they care and that they support them. Please listen to the vets when they have something to tell because it’s that one time that can make a difference in someone’s life.
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