Anyone intrested? Alot of things to sell!

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Anyone intrested? Alot of things to sell!

Postby denita on Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:00 pm

Well Christmas is right around the corner and I can not believe it! Well I hope everyone has a fun, happy and safe holiday! I have some things I would like to sell!

1st. *Xbox 360 120gb hard drive elite, played for a week then the slim came out...So we bought that one. It will come with a controler and head set. $230 obo Will consider trades for some diffrent unique corals maybe......

2nd. *Fake Christmas tree! already assembled! $5 has a stand and everything! just went real this year! Sold!

3rd. *protien skimmer $10 Sold

4th. *Hitch covers (hitch on a truck) instead of always wearing your ball, fill the hole with a cool Hitch cover! I have 3 diffrent styles, Malltese Cross, American Flag, or LED light up flames that plugs in to the trailer plug in! $5 each or all 3 for $12. Thats a great deal considering I bought them from my work a year ago for $8 a piece! I have over 30 of them. (figured I could sell them in a big sale but it was not a hit! Or make me an offer......

5th. *Autographed (with picture to prove) Tommy Chong and his wife Chelby Item.... I don't want to get my self in trouble but if anyone is intrested pm me and we can chat over the phone or email or what not..... This is an awesome thing to have but I can not display it due to I am a Daycare provider! lol but I will consider reasonable offers. I am sure if you think of Tommy Chong and think of the things he does or did..... You should know what I have..... Its like a Vase lets say! I did spray it with clear to prevent the autograph from comming off.....

6th. *Wall paintings, I will paint cartoons or what have you on your wall of desire. I have been doing it for about 8 years now and love the hobby. I have done a number of paintings including: Lighting Mcqueen, Sponge bob and jelly fish, tinker bell, Scooby doo, Sonic the hedgehog, My little pet shop animals, alice and wonder land charters, Donald duck, Elmer fud, Jimny Cricket, Mickey Mouse, Just to name a few! Also I did a Ocean Under water Room with The ceiling the top of the water and there was a Boat w oars on it with a lure that hung off the ceiling! it was pretty cool!

7th. 02 Chevy Silverado Extendend cab 1500 Fiberglass Topper (just the TOPPER!) 450obo Sliding glass windows nice pretty much new...

8th. 8ft x 8ft x 4ft Tariaum tank enclosure what ever you wanna call it! its huge! you hall and tear down $800obo

9th. Diamond Back BMX bike Nice bike, $200obo

10th. i am not sure yet.... but I am sure i will find something!

pm me and I will give you my #!
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