Rod's Reef - Great Experience!

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Rod's Reef - Great Experience!

Postby BraenDead on Sun Nov 05, 2006 5:39 pm

I visited Rod's Reef ( in Dekalb yesterday and was quite impressed with the operation he has running. He has quite a bit of nice SPS corals, a majority of acropora species but certainly some other things as well. I picked up a few Surabuya aquacultured mini-colonies, a frag, and some of his famous Rod's Food. I am quite pleased with the corals and they are quite healthy and doing well. The food has been excellent as well and I have even noticed greater polyp extension on my acro's while feeding. Anyways I would definately recommend checking out the store and trying his food!

Some pics of the Surabuya aquacultured mini-colonies:



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