a good day at petworld

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a good day at petworld

Postby Shady Reefer on Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:33 pm

stopped and grab a cleaner crew a rock or two and a couple loose polyps.

while grabbing my basics I checked out the tanks wich look good overall,
I seen a couple of loose muhrooms and a couple button polyps, so i asked and got 3 shrooms and 4 head of some button for 14.99 I thought that was a great deal for an lfs.
tanks looked priced well and chris was very nice they are having trouble with some grape caulerpa but
it could be worse.

did see some aptasia on rocks and such but overall things have improved there since the last time i was in there. also liked that they have tonga branch live rock for sale.

not sure how long they been there but their is a couple dragonets that looked healthy and happy.
(in previous exp. this was not the case)

happy to see improvment :P

Shady Reefer
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