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Lincoln Tropical Fish and Pets

Postby mytulip9 on Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:41 am

Hey, I drove through Hartford this weekend and decided to stop since they were open and I knew I wanted some iodine. This is a small mom and pop pet shop that I've literally been visiting my entire life! (My brother got me my first tank from them for Christmas when I was 10!) I have to say that I was actually impressed. Their store is ridiculously clean! Their tanks are cleaner than any retail store I've ever seen. They were even cleaner than the Shedd Aquarium. And I didn't see a single sick or stressed fish while I was there. Although they do have a SEVERE bubble algae outbreak in one of their tanks. They don't have any rare or delicate fish but they did have decent prices on some good hardy fish. Also there wasn't a single stick of SPS but they had the biggest and best selection of mushrooms I've seen at any store. And their prices on all their softies were reasonable too. (I almost got this interesting pale purple hairy mushroom rock, but I wasn't going straight home so I passed.) This guy has been doing saltwater for years and this little shop seems like a great place to get a beginner started off on the right foot in this hobby. I hate stores that sell unrealistic fish to unsuspecting newbies. Anyway, I just wanted to say bravo to a little shop with some great examples of healthy, sustainable saltwater reef tanks! =D>
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