Great selection at fantastic prices(both live and dry goods

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Great selection at fantastic prices(both live and dry goods

Postby SPSKeeper on Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:27 pm

As always, whenever I need something Paul is always there to the rescue. Got a fantastic deal on the skimmer I needed and he is always willing to order things for you if he doesn't have them in stock. This is definitely one of my more 'go to' pet stores for basically everything(except money, I wish they had more of that in stock :lol: ). You can actually tell by about five minutes of talking with him he actually cares about the well being of his livestock, not just the money aspect. In fact now that I remember it, when he was on Plaza Drive I remember him not selling something to a new hobbyist because their tanks were not cycled yet. That alone speaks volumes about his character. I will always value his honest(and unbiased) advice and everything he has helped me out with over the years. Thanks again so much Paul, I greatly appreciate being able to shop locally and not have to worry about the whole online deal!!

- Matt
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