4/5 latest fish

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4/5 latest fish

Postby boonbee on Thu Apr 05, 2007 7:36 pm


- Semilarvartus Butterfly

- TR perc clowns - lots!

- Orange Banded Goby

- Vanderbuilt Chromis

- Hawaiin Deep Water Lionfish

-Gray Poma Angel

- African Flameback Angel

- Purple Queen Anthias

- Baby Copperband Butterfly

- Green Dragon Pipefish

- Burgandy Filamented Flast

- Blue and Purple Tilefish


- Harlequin Shrimp

- Hairy Blue Spot Seahare


-Fire Belly Toads

- Fire Belly Newts

*Lots of Tropic Marin Salt*
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