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Livestock @ Living Art

Postby meisen on Sun Feb 03, 2008 4:59 pm

Just got back from Living Art.....they had a lot of nice stuff in. I hope its OK to post since its not my usual gig. I will try and list a few things that stood out. And what I remember off the top of my head ;)

2-spot Hogfish
Flame Angels
Small Harlequin Tusk (hard to find in that size)
Pylei Wrasse
Aurora Basslet
Blackcap Basslet
Flamefin Tang
Yellow Leaf fish
Brown Lyretail Bristlemouth tang

Green Cyphastrea
Blue-eye Astreopora
Red and Green Scolymia
Aussie Acans
Orange Pavona maldivensis
Few large Montipora (peltifomis) colonies
Bunch of zoanthid and palythoa frags
Purple Blassomussa
Acantastrea echinata orange crush type

He also had a Acan bowerbanki frag but someone bought it while it was still in the bag :mrgreen:

Anyway, thats just a smattering of what they had but nice to see some exotic fish and corals locally.
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