2 saltwater shipments this week (ORA and Caribbean)

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2 saltwater shipments this week (ORA and Caribbean)

Postby LIVINGART on Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:53 pm

Wednesday Living Art Aquarium is getting two large shipments!
The shipment from ORA (one of the leaders in propagation of marine organisms/corals/fish) includes:
-Picasso Clownfish (rare color mutation, highly sought after)
-Naked Clownfish (this clown lacks any markings/bars)
-Black Ocellaris Clowns (turn jet black w/whitish/blue bars)
-Adult Breeding Pairs of Ocellaris Clowns
-Tons of Bright orange and white Ocellaris Clowns
-Large Clarkii Clowns
-Saddleback Clowns
-Canary Blennies
-Bangii Cardinals
-Neon Dottybacks
-Sunrise Dottybacks
-Orchid Dottybacks
-4 new types of Macroalgae (perfect food for fish or great for refugiums)
-Green Abalone (one of the best algae eaters)
-5 First Grade Maxima Clams (1.5")
-4 Squamosa Clams (2")
-Pompom Xenia
-Green polyp toadstool leather
-long polyp toadstool leater
-Orange Monti Capricornis
-Purple Edge Monti Capricornis
-Green Pocillopora
-Pink Pocillopora
-Pink + Green Pocillopora
-Green Stylophora
-Green Birdsnest (seriatopora)
-Pink Birdsnest (seriatopora)
-Hyacinth Birdsnest
-German Blue Polyp Monti digitata
-Orange Monti digitata
-Rose Acropora Millepora
-Scripps Pink A. Millepora
-Miami Orchid Staghorn

All of these corals/fish were tank raised/propagated by ORA and are NOT WILD CAUGHT!

Our Caribbean shipment contains:
-Cerith Snails
-Blue Zoanthid polyps ( the real deal. BIG, FAT, AND BRITE BLUE)
-Saint Thomas Ricordea (rare, green w/white warts, cool!)
-Red or Green Umbrella Mushrooms
-Med. Blue Angelfish (looks like a queen)
-Scrawled Filefish (I'm taking one of these home)
-red pistol shrimp w/blue legs
-Spotcheek Gramma (new fish, reef safe)
-Black Sailfin Barnacle Blennies ( The best reef blenny available. Huge dorsal fin (taller than fish is long!))
-Giant Purple Reef Chromis
-Triplefin Nano Goby
-Superjumbo Neon Gobies
-Goldentail Morays (black w/gold polkadots)
-Seminole Nano Gobies (new)
-Tiger Nano Gobies
-Emerald (mithrax) crabs
-Peppermint Shrimp
-Sea Cucumbers
-Small, but gets giant GREEN MORAY EEL

There is a lot more in house and we get new shipments weekly, so check back often or call
us at Living Art Aquarium (608)827-6144
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