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New ORA Shipment Today at Living Art Aquarium

Postby LIVINGART on Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:27 pm

This is one of the nicest ORA orders we've ever received!
The list includes 5 "Brand New" limited ORA Acropora including:
-"Red Planet" table
-"Plum Crazy"
-"Blue Voodoo"
These all look amazing!

We also got in:
-Orange Montipora digitata
-The infamous "Green Polyp" Leathers
-2" Squamosa Clams (havn't seen these in a while!)
-1.5" First Grade Maxima Clams
-Blue Bottle-brush Acropora
-Jumbo Ultra Green-spotted Maxima
-Orange Hippocampus reidi SEAHORSE (brite!)
-Yellow Hippocampus reidi SEAHORSE (nice!)
-Red Gracillaria macroalgae
-Springeri Dottyback
-Splendid Psuedochromis
-Orchid Dottyback
-Blue-eye Cardinal (perfect nano-cardinal)
-Bangii Cardinal
-Tiger nano-gobies
-Sharknose Gobies (cool)
-Australian Clowns Pair!
-Gold-stripe Maroon Clowns
-Black Ocellaris Clowns (u know you've always wanted a pair)
-NAKED Clownfish (how embarrassing)
-Large Ocellaris Clowns a plenty

Come in and check out all the new farm raised stuff from ORA.
You'll be glad you did!
Thanks and please call us with any questions.
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