Australian Corals Arrived Today! Best of the Best!

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Australian Corals Arrived Today! Best of the Best!

Postby LIVINGART on Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:45 am

This is the stuff that everyone wants!
Ultra grade Aussie corals in-stock.

Here's what came in:

-Acan Lords Super Bright and a Rainbow of Colors (frags available in different sizes)
-Orange Aussie Euphyllia Torch Coral (sold per head)
-Red with Blue Streaks and Green Eye War Favia Brain Coral (frags available)!
-Scolymia australis (really bright and really unique pattern!)
-Neon Green Goniastrea!
A lot more nice stuff came in this week. Now's the time to stop in and start filling your tanks to maximum capacity with some of the best stuff available!
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