Seahorses, Pipefish, and Fumanchu Oh My!

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Seahorses, Pipefish, and Fumanchu Oh My!

Postby LIVINGART on Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:46 pm


VIETNAMESE LIVE ROCK!!!!!!!!! (1st time available and ammmmazzzing!!) only 50lbs left
Banded Pipefish
Colorful Tank Raised Seahorse (H. reidi?)
Fatty Gold Midas Blenny
Perfect 6-bar Angel 3"
Flame Angels
Small Convict Worm Gobies
Tiny Bicolor Angel
Female African Squamipinnis Anthias
Large and in Charge Tassled Filefish
Beautiful Adult Blue Hepatus Tang
Green Coris Wrasse
Yellowtail Damsels
Saddle Damsels (Cool African Damsel)
Small Niger Triggers (Coral Safe)
Green Wolf Eel (dottyback)
Racoon Butterfly
Giant Yellow Longnose Butterfly
Tiny Fumanchu LIonfish (already eating live ghost shrimp)
Neon Blue Zoanthids (the real deal and very limited!)
Ultra Zoanthid Frags available
Giant Green Elephant Ear Mushroom RARE!
Sun Coral (Tubastrea)
White/Green Pipe-organ (Tubipora)
Enormous Bisma-worm Rocks!
Colt Coral
Persian Rug Rhodactus Mushrooms (great colors)
Bubble Anemones
"Holy Crap Those Are Bright" Purple Sebae Anemones
Big Bright Green Hydnophora
Banded Coral Shrimps
Pearly Jawfish
Dusky Jawfish
Yellow-fin Green Chromis (same price/better looking)
Small Copperband Butterflies
4-stripe Damsels

We also have: Caulerpa (many types), Ricordea yuma, Aussie acans, insane Gorgonions, Borbonias anthias (sale $199), Variety of Live Rock, Hawaiian Golden Dwarf Moray (sale $150), a Huge Freezer filled with all sorts of fish/coral food, and almost any other Reef Products that you might need.

This is a fraction of what we have on hand, and we have new stuff arriving daily, so check back often to see what's new.
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