New RARE Corals Available Tomorrow (8/26)

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New RARE Corals Available Tomorrow (8/26)

Postby LIVINGART on Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:11 am

Some insane stuff arriving late tonight. Check it out:
Pink-Eye Montastrea
Red+Green Diploastrea
Lots of RICORDEA YUMA (assorted ultra color)
Zoanthids from Malaysia "BRAND NEW"
Australian Lime Green Rasta Leather
Australian Orange Hammer
"SUPERNOVA" Dendrophyllia
Malaysian Blastomussa wellsi "BRAND NEW"
Neon Green/Orange Acan. echinata
3 different types of Cyphastrea!!!
Bubble Anemones from Vanuatu (big/hardy/colorful)
Fluorescent Green Carpet Anemones
Aquacultured Pacific Barrel Sponge
Orange Ball Sponge
Huge Feather Dusters
and always, much, much more.......
Stop in and check it out.
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