Mystery Polyps and More.......

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Mystery Polyps and More.......

Postby LIVINGART on Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:27 am

Spent the day hand-picking corals and fish in Chicago and found some really interesting stuff.
Here's a list of the oddball stuff that we have:

Gold deepwater coral (not sure what it is but resembles Nepthea with a hard stalk)
Purple deepwater coral (very similar to gold deepwater)
Purple Scroll Sponge (huge and unlike anything I've ever seen!)
Mystery polyps??? (blue matt w/weird greenish polyps. similar to gsp)
Neon Green Ricordea yuma
Neon Orange Ricordea yuma
Undescribed Jawfish Sp?
Orange Ricordea florida
African Fuzzy Dwarf Lion w/neon yellow patches!
Black Allardi Clown Pair
lg. Randalls Gobies
Randalls pistol shrimps
Tiger pistol shrimp
Yellow Brotula (very cool brite yellow eel/goby-like shy fish)
"NEW" Sailfin Prawn Gobies (these things are freakin sweet!!!!!)
Blue spot spearing mantis shrimp
Lime green mantis shrimp
Female Watanabe Angel SALE CHEAP!
1" Bellus Angel!
Neon Gobies
Iridescent Trachphyllia
Christmas Montastrea
Some of the best/brightest Zoanthids that I've seen

We also have a full stock of Dt's Phyto, Rod's Reef, P.E. Mysis, Cyclopeeze, Tropic Marin, and CLEAN-UP CREWS.
Stop in and see what's happening at Living Art.
Thanks for looking.
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Re: Mystery Polyps and More.......

Postby skanderson on Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:30 pm

errr wish you had this posted last night. thought about stopping by on my way through town from the swap but thought i wouldnt because nothing new had been posted since i was last there. will try to make it down this week i guess
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Re: Mystery Polyps and More.......

Postby LIVINGART on Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:17 pm

Sorry, I post as soon as I have time, but we still have a lot of nice coral/etc. to choose from.
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