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Re: Are you open???

Postby PinkLady on Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:45 pm

I don't see NYE or NYD as being a "random" closing as quite a few businesses are closed on those days or on very limited hours, small and large alike. Even fast food places are closed on those days as I found out. To me it just seems like common sense that if it's a holiday and no one answers the phone at the place of business, especially after multiple calls, they're probably closed. While it would have been handy that they post somewhere that they would not be open on certain holidays, it's actually pretty common that businesses don't particularly advertise it anywhere unless you happen to go up to their front door and see a sign there. PetSmart is a multi-million dollar national chain yet they don't have anything on their website regarding their hours for Christmas, New Year's, etc. -- just their regular weekly store hours. The same with Pet World, Pet Supermarket, etc.

Pink Lady I bartended when in school and my till was closed and a customer wanted a drink, no problem,.............. ring it up on another till or the next day.

That may have worked for your system but it doesn't work for ours. I work at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites on the west side and once our server bank is closed in the system, it can't be re-opened without a gigantic hassle. We have to take a printout of our entire server bank for the night, compare each category to receipts to make sure the numbers match up (cash payments, room charges, credit cards, food/bar comps for the hotel or restaurant via coupons that customers use, gratuities, tips, taxes, total pre-tax net deposit, total gross deposit, etc) and enter them all into a separate form to be submitted in the drop box at the end of the night along with cash, room charge slips, credit card slips, comp coupons, etc. which then moves to accounting the next day. Once this is done, it is a royal PITA to have to re-open a completely new server bank and re-do all of that paperwork for one person to buy a drink after close down. Can't ring it up on a separate computer because each server/bartender is responsible for their own sales, they monitor those numbers very closely and any screw ups in numbers at the end of the night are the logged server or bartender's responsibility to cover. Not to mention if said guest pays via credit card or room charge and the tip goes on it, that has to be put through the system under the correct staffmember's server bank or that staffmember won't get that tip on their paycheck. Each server bank's numbers are kept separate and if someone uses someone else's till to do a quick cash sale, it offsets their numbers because there will be more money in the till than the final total sales receipt printout shows, and that requires going back through and adjusting and redoing and filling out other paperwork, etc. to find the error and fix it. If the staffmember happens to be working 2 days in a row in the same department in the same bar (we have 3), they still can't ring the sale up the next day due to tax reasons -- if the product was sold on a certain date and the taxes taken in on that date -- to report it as a sale on the following day is illegal. Not to mention it screws up the list of inventory sold for that particular day and also the final numbers that the hotel uses to relate sales to how many guests in-house vs. outside sales. The point of explaining all of that is simply to prove that just because something SEEMS easy or that it may be a simple solution for one type of business, doesn't mean it's always that simple for other businesses or in other cases.
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Re: Are you open???

Postby LIVINGART on Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:34 am

I am sorry we forgot to put a message on our answering machine.

We did have two notes on our front door a week in advance to inform customers of our holiday schedule.

We put our phones on silent because we we were closed and needed to do end of the year inventory (this takes all day and entails counting every fish, corals, snail, shrimp, all dry items in the store, etc.).
We are open every other day of the year except for holidays, like most businesses.
When we are closed that means that we are not open for sales.

We are not talking about a heart-transplant, we're talking about a light bulb for a fish tank.
Even if it's a full blown reef it would be fine for 72+ hrs without light.
Please just chill out.

Again, we'll be sure to put a message on answering machine next time, we just forgot New Years Eve.

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Re: Are you open???

Postby Jake on Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:44 am

I wonder where it was that you bought the fixture with the burned out lightbulb already in it :)
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