Fiji Live Rock Sale Only $4.99/lb.....and More

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Fiji Live Rock Sale Only $4.99/lb.....and More

Postby LIVINGART on Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:27 pm

Living Art Aquarium is getting a shipment tomorrow (Wednesday 1/20).
Here's what we're expecting:

Uncured Fiji Live Rock SALE $4.99/LB!
Turbo Snails
Scarlet Hermit Crabs
Sebae Anemonies
Long Tentacle Anemonies
Tonga Nassarius Snails (hard to get nowadays and very efficient sand cleaners)
Bicolor Angel
Flame Angels
Coral Beauties
Beautiful Med. Emperor Angel
Bicolor Basslets
Black Fuscus Blenny (great algae eater)
Gold Midas Blenny
Green Chromis
Convict Worm Gobies
Blue Mandarins
Banded Bamboo Shark baby
Sm. Blue Tangs
Mimic Tang
Sm. Sailfin Tangs
Med. Huma Trigger
Radiant Wrasse
Redtail Wrasse (Beautiful Hawaiian fish)
Yellowtail Wrasse (Sell out of these in the bag)

I will be cherry-picking corals/fish this Friday, so expect a lot of nice new stuff by this weekend.

Oh yeah, we have a full freezer including: P.E. Mysis sheets/cubes, Cyclopeeze sticks/blocks, Rods Reef (all varieties) and much more.

Stop in and stay tuned.
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