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topoff system

Postby bobbet43 on Thu Nov 04, 2004 6:31 pm

i'm looking for a new topoff system that will last more than 6 months. right know i'm using a ultralife float switch which shorted out 2 days ago, so unfortunately in the market for a new one. any advice would be helpfull.
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Postby friogatto on Thu Nov 04, 2004 9:58 pm

I have this one form Marine Depot ... uct=SP5111

It has worked great for me for over 9 months now. I have it hooked directly up to my RO filter and the switches are in my sump. No buckets to fill weekly :-)
It's $80 but worth every penny.
It has the float valve and pressure solenoid.
Some say it's a flood waiting to happen but with 2 swicthes I doubt it.

If you get this let me know and I"ll pick up the Kent float valve for my water change tank. I'll share shipping costs with you.
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