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Re: Our LFSs

Postby sslak on Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:00 pm

I love to shop at the LFS for livestock, because I like to see the creature I'm buying before I take it home. I can watch how it moves and acts, and hopefully determine it's health/personality.

I also always try to by my cheap stuff from the LFS, snails, hermits, shrimp etc.

The one thing I can't see buying at the LFS is equipment. At least some of it is way overpriced. For example a Maxi-Jet 900 that I got online new for $15 was in one of our LFS for $49.99. Ouch. I would be happy to pay a few bucks more to support a local small business, but when the price gap is that large I can't afford to support them.

I do agree that the relationship should be a two way street, and that we should try to support the LFS, expecially the ones who donate for our frag swaps and BBQ events.

And even if you don't LIKE the LFS....at least be NICE to the employees! They aren't "evil" they're just doing thier job!
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Re: Our LFSs

Postby Lake75 on Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:40 am

I agree to most of the things people mentioned above. I support LFS whenever I can. Actually, the only livestock that I ever bought online are a blue tang, some cleaning crew, and about 5-8 frags. I just have to see the actual thing before I buy. I spent most of my limited budget in Aquatic Specialties and Pets Warehouse, and only bought an anemone at Living Arts.

They complained about some of us bashing Living Arts, but what have they done to address those complaints? Basically nothing. They still overcharge customers, and they still don't put a price on their livestock. Some people say they as small business need to make a living. Well, when I was at Living Arts sometime ago shopping for a yellow tang, Paul told me they had to order one for me for about $40-45 for a small one because nowadays tangs were more difficult to find and I would have to put down a deposit for a fish that I couldn't see. So I didn't buy and went directly to AS where I bought a beautiful 4" yellow tang for $29.95. And the clams, which seem to be always priced over $75 at Living Arts. In comparison, I bought a 3" green squommie at AS for $45 plus 10% MARS discount (when steve was still there). I don't know if those were the reasons that AS went out of business, but I definitely feel that some of our LFS's have done a much better job than the others. When they complain about MARS member bashing them, they really should think about why. The day when they finally try to address the problems, I'll definitely stop bashing and go back shopping. --That's the two-way street that I want to see.
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Re: Our LFSs

Postby tim on Tue Feb 05, 2008 4:20 pm

I think Paul has made some effort. He was part of the Frag Swap this year, even though a small part I thought it was great to see him there. I know myself last year tried to talk them in to attending and they did not as a store only Steve did. So I think/hope now that he has see our wonderfull MARS community in action he will be willing to take part in our group.

The other great thing I see about Paul and A Living Art, is Paul is one of the community that took the step to opening his own store. That is not an easy thing todo at any age and remember Paul is in his early 20's(guess). So I truly beive if we stick with him durring some of the learing times that he has as a young business person, he will only continue to do great things with the store and for us as a reefin community.
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