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Hey Come to IMAC

Postby degall on Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:39 am

Hi All;

Well, it has been my great pleasure for 6 years to offer IMAC to the community, but now it is time for me to step down for health reasons, after this year.

I hope you can join us in Chicago May 30, 31 and June 1 so I can get together with you one last time. I think we have a very good conference lined up for you as my farewell gift. Here are the Speakers:

Dr. Sanjay Joshi: “Reef Lighting”
Dr. Ron Shimek (2 presentations): “Currents & Feeding Corals” and “It’s Not As Bad As We Thought; It Is Far Worse”
Frank Burr: “Self-sustaining Marine Biospheres”
Anthony Calfo: “Aquarium Photography”
Scott Fellman: “Marine Biotope Aquariums: Taking Inspirations From Nature”
Adam Cesnales: “Form Meets Function: Designing Your Refugium to Work Harder”
Jake Adams: “Fluid Dynamics for the Reef Aquarium”
John Coppolino: “Rare Angels”
Dr. Adelaide Rhodes: “Frontiers in Fish Growing - Newest Technologies in Aquaculture that can help the Hobbyist”
James Fatheree: “Tridnacnid Clams – Diversity and Lighting Needs”
Tony Vargas: “Tubbataha – Unexpected Paradise”
Tim Hayes : “How to Be A Better Reefkeeper”
Allen LaPointe: “Water Quality Monitoring and Data Interpretation”
Tullio Dell Aquila: “Full Spectrum LED Systems for Aquariums and Aquaculture Use”
Tom Frakes (Banquet Speaker): “Global Warming: Reef Tanks and the World”
Robert “Bob” Fenner: “Mixed Reef Livestocking: Techniques and Approaches for Avoiding & Reducing Allelopathogenic Effects”
Matt Pedersen: "Fish Breeding"

And, we have just announced a special where you can see all the Speakers and Exhibits for just $35. Check out the website http://www.theimac.org /

In addition, we will have a Great Trade Show, a Speakers’ Reception, a “behind-the-scenes” Tour of the Shedd Aquarium and a Gala Banquet. For those of you who can only attend a day or two, we have posted a Program Schedule.

Since many of you have attended more than one IMAC, I have gotten to know many of you personally. That has been a very pleasant experience for me and I will certainly miss seeing you every year. I Thank You for your continued support and I wish you continued success in your Reefkeeping efforts. I just hope that IMAC may have played some small role in your success. I know I have benefited greatly from listening to all the fantastic Speakers (I’m so busy I don’t have time to see them live but that’s why we videotape them).

I hope I will have one more chance to see you. Please get over to http://www.theimac.org and sign up today! BTW, we have FREE videos of some previous IMAC speakers' IMAC presentations available on the IMAC home page you can see in streaming form.

Thanks for All the Great IMAC Years,
Dennis Gallagher, Chairman
International Marine Aquarium Conference
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