California and ORA shipments have arrived

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California and ORA shipments have arrived

Postby LIVINGART on Fri Jun 20, 2008 9:06 am

Friday has arrived and so have our shipments for the week.
Here's the list of new stuff:

-lemonpeel angel
-sm. tomini tang
-sm. yellow belly blue tang
-Afr. powder blue tang
-leopard wrasse (2 species)
-unidentified Tongan flame wrasse pair!
-aurora basslet (rare!)
-grammica dartfish (sooooooooo amazing!)
-purple firefish
-bicolor blennies
-hutumoi anthias (trio)
-sunburst anthias (trio)
-lyretail anthias (lots!)
-algae blennies
-bright red pistol shrimp
-cleaner shrimp
-turbo snails
-purple linkia star
-orange linkia star
-orange fromia star
-green bubble coral
-amazing mushrooms/zoanthids
-red/white kokoworms
-orange Pavona maldivensis!
-variety of gnarly flasher wrasse
-jumbo mandarins
-orangespot goby
-yasa hashi goby
-dragon face pipefish
-large reidi seahorse BRIGHT ORANGE PAIRS!
-naked clownfish
-black clownfish
-ocellaris clowns
-true percula clowns
-grammistes blenny
-splended psuedochromis
-purple tang
-tigertail cucumber
-bangii cardinalfish
-small yellow tangs
-sm. marine betta
-antenna goby

This is a small list compared to what we actually have in stock. We carry a huge variety of fresh/saltwater life and supplies.
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