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Postby LIVINGART on Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:12 am

We got in a beautiful hand-picked shipment Monday night. Here is a list of what we received and some of our current specials (while supplies last) at Living Art Aquarium
We are your home for the healthiest fish and corals with the best service around to help you with all of your aquarium needs.

Flame Angels SALE $60/each (regularly $75)
Bicolor Blennies SALE $20/each (reg. $30)
Jumbo Gold-Bar Fairy Wrasse (C. luteovittatus) SALE $199 (reg. $250+)
Red-Tip Lyretail Anthias SALE $25 or 5/$100 (reg. $35/ea.)

Sebae anemone
Pompom crabs
Chocolate chip stars
Green clove polyps
Orange center Lobo brains (unique!)
Rainbow of different colored Bali Zoanthid polyps (really nice)
Neon Vietnam Mushrooms
Flawless medium Blueface Angel
Reef-safe Male Zebra Angel (G. melanospilus)
Potter's angel (the size of a dime)
Male African Lyretail anthias (P. squamipinnis)
Purple bass
Royal Gramma
Gold Midas Blenny
Red-lip blenny
Raccoon butterfly small
Orange + white bar GARDEN EELS!
Various amazing flasher wrasse
Aurora goby (put him with a pistol shrimp)
Banded dragon goby (sand sifter)
Orangespot watchman goby (great w/pistol shrimp)
Two-stripe goby (my favorite sand sifter V. helsdingeni)
Yellow watchman gobies
Brite Flame Hawks
Red-spotted Hawk (A. pinos)
Pearly Jawfish
African Fuzzy Dwarf Lion (Huge w/weird color pattern)
Valen"tiny" puffer
Lg. Blue tang
Sm. Blue Tang
Lg Huma trigger
Cleaner wrasse
Razor Wrasse (never had one before)
Dragon wrasse (tiny and brite green)
Neon African Exquisite fairy wrasse
6-line wrasse
Hawaiian Christmas wrasse
Tongan Surge Wrasse RARE

Thanks for looking and come in and look at this stuff in person. This might be our best shipment all summer! Please call us with any questions (608)827-6144
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