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Fish Factory

Postby Cow086 on Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:33 pm

I went in there this weekend cause i heard that they remodeled the place recently... which they did it looks nice... They seem to have a lot more room for stuff but no stuff. They had about 10 types of fish and a lot of yellow tangs including one that was bigger much bigger than my hand... anyways i was there for like 10 min and i over heard one of the emplyoees discussing with a customer what he would recomend in this guys tank. The guy said that he has a 5 gal tank that has been running for like a month. and now has some long haired algae so the fish factory guy says that he recomends a yellow tang for that cause he will clear that right up..... well he is right but its a 5 gal tank for a yellow tang. [-X so i told the guy that the yellow tang would be missable and propably die fast. So the emplyoee goes on to suggest other things like the really rare pecula clowns you know the ones in finding nemo. "really rare" arent those bread in captivity pretty easily... the guy was also looking at some corals and seemed to like the ricordias but the employee suggests reagular mushrooms. At some point i chimed in and asked the guy how long the tank was running and how big the tank was and then asked him if he knows that the tank has cycled... he seemd to think it has which may be the case but the employee then said that he can sell something to you that will cycle a tank in LESS THAN A MIN. At this point i had to get out of there so i simply went to the front counter and wrote this website down on there business card and ask the guy to please check this website out.... i really hope he does.

no i used to like the fish factory infact most of the fish in my tank are from there but as long as they are emplyoeeing people like that i dont think i will be coming back

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Re: Fish Factory

Postby Tonis56 on Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:19 pm

I went to this place last weekend as well. I wasn't impressed at all. I walked in and what i think was the owner, says "hows it goin BUD". Not a big problem but idk but that just bugs me when people that don't know me call me BUD. The same (owner) guy is reprimanding an employee in front customers for not shoveling a sidewalk. There weren't any prices on any tanks in the saltwater area either. One particular employee kept walking in and out of the saltwater area and didn't once ask if we had any questions. Certain things just make you not want to do business with a place.

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