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Fresh Fish

Postby LIVINGART on Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:03 am

Living Art Aquarium has a fresh new shipment showing up today (Friday 11th).
Here is what we're expecting:

coral beauties
algae blennies
tailspot nano blennies
yellow coris wrasse
red coris wrasse
BIG AWESOME porcupine puffer
tassled filefish
scopus tang
blue tangs SUPER SALE
Atlantic blue tang
blonde naso tang
magnificent foxface
purple basslets
bicolor basslet
trochus snails
banded coral shrimp
annularis/bluering angel SALE
sand-sifting gobies
punctato butterflyfish
solar fairy wrasse
whipfin fairy wrasse
longnose hawkfish
pinos hawkfish
quinquivittatum wrasse
sm. porcupine puffer
pinktail trigger
green chromis
and more...more...more...

Also, we got in a bunch of clean-up crew last Friday including:
astrea snails (cheap!)
sm. nassarius snails
peppermint shrimp
emerald crabs
cerith snails
nerite snails
redleg hermit crabs
porcelain crabs
arrow crabs
royal grammas
condylactus anemonies
flower anemones
purple seawhips and seaplumes
Ricordia florida

Oh, and freshwater fish are arriving 2day also (nice selection).
Stop and see what we have to offer since it's too cold to do anything else:)
Living Art Aquarium
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Re: Fresh Fish

Postby klasikb on Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:53 pm

quinquivittatum wrasse

Easy for you to say!
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