Midwest Coral Farms is an outstanding place!

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Midwest Coral Farms is an outstanding place!

Postby NVCichlids on Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:36 pm

I made a trip down there today to pick up some liverock and see what they had for possible future purchases. I loved the "pick out what you want and then weigh it" live rock that they have.. some places around here only have a tank or two you can look through and say "that one", but MWCF had four huge stock tubs and allows you to pick out exactly what you want for pieces and get to check the weight BEFORE you ask for it. Not to mention they had a beautiful possum wrasse (and knowing they have one lets me know I know of a place semi local to get one in the future!)

Everyone was extremely nice and the place was the cleanest, nicest looking store I have been to!

Keep up the good work!!

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