reefs2go a unique bunch

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reefs2go a unique bunch

Postby CUNAReefer on Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:05 am

After being in this hobby for quite a while, I have grown to expect your livestock to ship next day over night. Pleas note when dealing with reefs2go they have the following policy:

Order Created: Wed 30-Mar-2011

PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS EMAIL as it contains important SHIPPING, TRACKING, GUARANTEE and other pertinent info about your order. If there is anything in this email which you do not understand, or causes you to want to cancel the order- please notify us via email & phone within 12 hours of placing your order so we can cancel the order or provide further explanation of our protocol as described below.

* There is a 1-7 business day processing period on all orders before they are shipped. * However within 1-3 business days after placing your order, you will receive a Shipping Notification email - this will give you specific info about the shipment of your order. * Since livestock is different then shipping dry products, we can only ship livestock on certain days to avoid weekend delays, this is the reason for the broad processing period. * We do our best to get your order shipped out as promptly as possible. * Be aware that EXPRESS shipping does not mean you will receive your order the day after you place it, the order still must go through the processing period prior to being shipped.

Of course, I didn't read the email When I called on Friday to get a status on my order, they didn't know anything. They stated that to get an update on my order, I would have to talk to the shipping department.... "Ok, so transfer my call to the shipping department" I said. Both the woman and man I spoke with (Called multiple times) stated "We can't do that because we are an off site reception desk, but we will leave a message for the shipping department to get back to you." So I started to get a little nervous. I politely asked them to cancel the order if it hasn't shipped (did this before reading their policy ). After asking them to cancel the order, they once again stated "We can't do that because we are an off site reception desk, but we will leave a message for the shipping department to get back to you." OH GEEZ WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO! Well, they never got back to me and my checking account was hit for the purchase amount this morning (Saturday). Still have no clue on what is going on with my order. No email. No call back. Just a nice decrease in my checking account.

I thought it was an April Fools joke, but sadly it was not.
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Re: reefs2go a unique bunch

Postby skeeter03 on Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:24 pm

I too went through a horrible experience with them. No emails, no call backs. However today I finally was able o speak to a manager and I laid into them so bad. By the time I was done I received a refund back to my account but only for the cost of the anemone I wanted that arrived DOA. Try even tried shipping me another one and that one arrived DOA too. Horrible company to do business with....never again will I.
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