November Sales!

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November Sales!

Postby Best Fish on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:39 pm

Hello Members of MARS!

Here are some of what we have in our November Email flyer. Please email us to request to be added to our monthly flyer so you will receive all of our specials.

Portal Magnifiers / Tank Cleaners -- $75

Gallons of Kent Magnesium - $27
Salifert Magnesium Test kit - $28 -
*** Or buy together- 1 gallon of Magnesium with the test kit - $52 ***

*** Please note - -stock is very low on above 3 items but more are due in by the 10th of this month -- Thanks for you understanding!!

Hanna Checkers : Calcium or Alkalinity - $48

ATI T-5 Bulbs -

Your choice of 12k Aqua Blue Plus, Purple Plus or Blue Plus

24” - $18
36” - $20
48” - $21

TLF Phosban Reactors - $41 - We do stock the screen needed to modify for using bio pellets. Plus bio pellets in stock starting at $22

Maggie Mufflers - $16.99 Quiet down that overflow flushing sound!!

Hang on refugiums:
Converted Aqua Clear 110 - $89 or Aqua Clear 70 - $59

6.5 gallon Fluval Chi $65 (limited to stock on hand)

Below is the link to our stocklist so you can see what we have for livestock. I am here early / late so I normally can work around your schedule if you can not make it during our regular hours. The stocklist has all the info about our hours and directions. Feel free to email me with any questions or requests. ... p60I#gid=0

Thank You!


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