Zoa eating nudibranch infestation

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Zoa eating nudibranch infestation

Postby shoota on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:39 pm

I was in the store today and noticed you have a crazy infestation of zoa eating nudibranchs... not good. It was one of the top middle tank against the back wall that had all your zoa colonies. Every colony in the tank was closed up and I counted at least a dozen that I could clearly see, without looking closely at all (can't see too good in those tanks anyways unless your a basketball player lol). I assumed they were zoa eating nudibranchs, since they were all over every colony, and after coming home and looking on the net, they are DEFINITELY bad news. Nobody was in the fish room and I didn't have time to track someone down in the store and explain..

Here is a link to ID and see what I'm talkin about. Hope it helps.


Everything else looked good and coral health looked better than I've seen in awhile... but the nudi infestation was a big turn off.
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Re: Zoa eating nudibranch infestation

Postby Animart on Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:24 pm

Sorry it took me a while to respond to this one, but thanks for the heads up.

I'm not sure which tank you were refering to as the "Zoa tank" as I don't really have one here. I most certainly have a mushroom tank but no other tank has chiefly zoas. Anyways, we are well aware of the nudis and have already taken action to rid out tanks of the buggers. I still see one extremely persistant one every great once in while but I believe for the most part they've been taken care of. Regardless, I will continue to treat new corals as I have been to make sure they don't bounce back.

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