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Postby skeeter03 on Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:23 pm

I wanted to share my experience regarding this company. What a horrible experience. About 3 weeks ago I ordered a green bubble anemone and copepods. After being given the run around about when they would ship my order, the order arrives with a DOA anemone. The anemone arrived in ice cold water and heat pack wasn't even warm. Copepods were half dead after acclimating for 2 hours like reefs2go recommends for states with cold weather. I reported the DOA right away and they offered to reship all items. I was fine with that but worried I would have a repeat of the first situation. After receiving a email stating they would reship on a Monday...that didn't happen. I once again got a run around. Numerous calls and emails....they finally shipped the order. It arrived today and wasn't good. Delivered in ice cold water and life in the anemone was barely nothing. I called and ask to speak to a manager....they tell me she wasn't available and would have her call before they closed. That never happen. This place is horrible.....horrible experience and the lives of the anemones that were lost. Very sad. Of course you cant post a review that isn't good on their website because they have to approve them. Why would they post a negative one regarding them. So I will do it here and hopefully the word goes out to others.
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