Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

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Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby Best Fish on Wed May 15, 2013 7:38 am

Just a quick update on our upcoming party. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13048 We invited Andy, "The Fish Doctor" and Jon, "Aimforever", to set up a table to sell their beautiful frags. Glad to announce that they will both be able to attend. If you have been to any of the recent frag swaps around the state, you probably are familiar with their outstanding corals. They always receive rave reviews. It looks like they will be setting up in our front showroom.

We are planning on moving a lot of the sale items to an outside table. As of today, I will be the one working that table, but I keep changing my mind as to what will work the best, so we will see. (My staff continually joke about my last minute change of mind...I am pretty impulsive) Regardless, I will have a list of the sale items, many of which can be purchased at the outside tables. Plus there will be a "Product Showcase" table where you can just see some of the newer items we carry or will be carrying. Trying to get some handouts together as well.

I previously mentioned the pre-order specials. If you are thinking of the Radion Pros, or my new favorite light, the ATI Led/T5 Powermodule, this will be the day to order them. Your deposit that day will get you an outstanding light at the best price. We are also having other Pre-order deals on things that I currently do not have or have just limited stock. This includes Neptune (Apex) products, some models of the Led Chinese Pendants, Skimmers and Tunze items. There is much more that I want to do, but I can see I am going to run out of time and money... some things never


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