Dad's Weekend Sale ~

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Dad's Weekend Sale ~

Postby Best Fish on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:41 pm

We are offering some items on sale now ... good Saturday and Sunday (June 16th). Good time to remember Dad plus for those of you who missed our Memorial Day Party (or didn’t want to wait in line), here is your chance to take advantage of some of those great specials we had that day.

All Corals 20% Off !!

Azox Coral Food/Limpits Reef Buffet Combo Pack - $20.00
Kent Magnsium - 64oz - $19.00
Coral Life 125gal Protein Skimmer - $145
200 gallon Box Kent - $34
200 gallon Box Reef Crysals - $49 or 2 for $80.00
8 bulb Moonlights - $15
Vertex Omega 150 Skimmer - $359.99
8w Skyye Light - Regularly $100 --- Half Price while they last!! $49.99
Micro 3w Refugium Light - 67k - $20
Frag Trees - $16.00
8oz Kent Zooplex - $7.00

New Products:

Cobalt Mysis/Spirulina Flake Food - $8.00 Cobalt Mysis Spirulina flake fish food is a highly palatable Mysis shrimp and Spirulina algae based formula for all tropical and marine herbivores and omnivores. Loaded with Omega 3's (EPA/DHA) and Astaxanthin for consistent growth and superior color. All Cobalt Flake foods feature Cobalt's BLUE flake, which has triple concentration of vitamins that help support a healthy immune system. In addition, Cobalt flakes are packed with Probiotics that support a healthy digestive system.

Best Fish Coral Viewing Flashlight/Key Chain - 2 For $8.00

1321 GPH Magnetic Mount Circulation Pumps - 2 for $65

CarbonDoser Electronic Co2 Regulator (the BEST in the World) $239 -

Red Sea NO3:PO4-X 500ML - $14.00 We have been dosing it in our coral system for about 2 months now and are happy with the results

New Era Grazing Blocks --Great for Tangs and other Herbivores! $9.99

Zero Edge Tank - WOW! We have one on display...Regularly $1800, will take orders this weekend for $1399 (with $200 down)

ATI LED Powermodules - We have one over our Zero Edge. (Dialed in better than on Memorial Day.) My favorite lighting system, providing the best of both worlds..T5's with LED. I still have not had time to program via their computer software. Just did with their manual controls. All units will be on sale at 10% off during this sale.

Chillers: 1/10hp - $399 1/6hp - $509 1/4hp - $519

Deep Blue Frag Tanks - New sizes in stock: Will offer 10% for instock items only!

Marineland came out with more rimless sizes as well, in particular a 93 Rimless RR Cube -- ask for details if interested.

All the above specials are good through this Sunday (16th)... Fathers Day. Enjoy your day Dad's!

Brian, Judy, Kevin, Laura and Tyler --- "Best Fish Crew"

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