Is an algae blenny the best option

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Is an algae blenny the best option

Postby ReeferDude on Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:25 pm

So I have neglected my tank a bit over the last year. I have not lost anything but my tank has exploded with algae. I have gotten the water parameters back in check, skimmer is running great again etc...etc... but I need to clean the algae out of the tank, not bacteria but algae growing. My tank is 65g so is an algae blenny my best option for an algae eater to help clean up the tank? They are small and eat a lot I know. I also just ordered a clean up crew. That was something I did not have in my tank before so that will help. Besides all my coral I have a bicolor Dottyback and a bonded pair of clown fish, so I do not think a Blenny would be a bad addition but just wanted to get some feedback.
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Re: Is an algae blenny the best option

Postby RDtrack on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:27 pm

If the only reason you want a blenny is for the algae I would skip the blenny.

They can become extreme agressive once they establish their territory and knock over corals (You'll be back on the site asking how to catch a blenny).

If you want a blenny then you could consider one, or any blenny for that matter will chow down on algae.

In my mind your better off spihoning off the algae from the rocks, substrate and glass. Use a small diameter plastic tube cut at an angle and use this as a scrapping tool. Then make sure you are using RODI water and keeping your water parameters good. I would also consider running a GFO reactor. If you want something living to help with the algae I would add an abalone snail.
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