Positive feedback for Beefy in Milton

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Positive feedback for Beefy in Milton

Postby Fishkeeper15379 on Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:56 pm

I was in need of a clean up crew for my tank a few days ago. Beefy on here was recommended to me from another member. I went to his house to pick up some crabs/snails quick and ended up spending 2 hours there. He is very knowledgeable and has a ton of tanks setup throughout his house. He said he currently has over 2000gal running right now and is in the process of almost doubling that. I was amazed at all the different kinds of coral he has, He has to have well over 1000 frags, Way more than any pet store Ive ever been too. In short, he either has or can get anything you might need from fish to tanks or anything else aquarium related and told me hes usually able to price things for less than anyone else due to the volume he deals with and the fact that he can buy straight from the source, exporters etc. Hes passionate about what he does and I didn't feel pressured at all to buy anything from him.

So if your looking for anything give him a call. He gave me business cards and said to feel free to tell anyone about him so I am. He lives right in Milton which is convenient for me. He kind of seems like a ghost if you try to look him up (hes not on the forums much) I think when I looked him up on here he only had like 6 posts which is why I'm posting this.

I attached a pic of his business card
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