Let there be light :)

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Let there be light :)

Postby angieg1123 on Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:57 pm

I have been slowly upgrading my 46g bowfront tank. In the last few month I have gone from sumpless to adding a sump. I also only had a 4 lamp 24" T5 light on the tank. All of the corals did fine (all LPS and zoanthids and softies) but as we all know...Uprades are great fun.

My 46g bowfront is only 36" long but I know I will be upgrading to a 90 soon enough. When I was looking to upgrade the lighting I figured I might as well buy the appropriate light now, even though it will be over kill for the little 46g.

I ended up buying a 8 lamp 48" light. WOW after the little light I had before I feel like the Sun is in my livingroom!! It is so bright. I started out with a shorter light cycle so I didn't burn any of the corals.

I also had to figure out how to hang the light since I now live in an apartment when I could not drill holes in the ceiling or the walls. I ended up going to ACE and purchasing shelving brackets and shelf braces. I also purchased a 8ft 1x4 and cut it in half to screw to the back of the stand to hold the brackets.

Good thing I got it all up and ready since my new Gig from LA will be here Tuesday.
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