Customer Appreciation Day!!

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Customer Appreciation Day!!

Postby Best Fish on Fri May 02, 2014 7:28 am

Its that time of year again ... Party time at "Best Fish"!!!!

Just figured its about time I at least make an announcement about our upcoming party and invite all of you on MARS to attend. Here is a little overview and I will expand on this post in the upcoming weeks.

Once again we will be having a Memorial Day party on Memorial Day Monday, May 26th, 11 AM to 4 PM. As in the previous years we will be giving away a lot of prizes. Every family will be able to draw for one prize. We also will have some special gifts for our veterans. Going to change up a little bit about how we handle donations. We will be offering a few items that the proceeds will go directly to the Vet Dogs foundation.

Also as in the past, we will have big discounts on all livestock, specials on many hard good items, most of which will be at or close to cost, some under cost. There will be sales reps from a few manufactures as well as donated items from many of them. We will also have Andy, the Fish Doctor, back to sell his frags and this year we're happy to have Andrea (andijo81 on WRS) along with her friend Eric selling their frags as well. We are still working on getting a few other vendors to commit to being here. Ron from Limpits Reef will once again be here selling his foods and a few other items. More on that later.

We do have some changes in mind. In particular we will have three checkout lanes, one in our normal location, a second out the back door, and finally you can also check out your sales outside at the tables. This should correct the main problem that we experienced in previous years. We also are adding extra staff this day that will help with the checkout process as well as giving me a little more time outside to talk about products, etc (or maybe just goof off). And if all this still fails, I added another backup plan. Between 12:30 and 3pm, we hired someone to keep you entertained while in line or wandering around outside.

Shawn (scote on WRS), has once again offered to help us out with the Johnsonville brats. Thank you Shawn!! There will be burgers and beverages as well. We are adding extra tables and tents outside so there will be more room to just sit around outside, talk fish and relax. Hopefully weather cooperates.

Again, in the upcoming weeks I will be adding more to this post. Another change this year, I will be posting a few of the sale items ahead of time so continue to watch for details. Some will be below our cost! As in previous years, between the giveaways, discounts, food, etc, this is our way of Thanking You all for your business, loyalty and most of all, For Your Friendship! We are looking forward to seeing you!!

Brian, Judy, Kevin, Laura, Tyler and Mark

"Best Fish"
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Re: Customer Appreciation Day!!

Postby Best Fish on Sun May 04, 2014 3:19 pm

Update on 5/4/2014

The purpose of this party is 3-fold. Our original thought was to give back to those that supported us and helped us grow over these last few years, something that we have always felt is important. We never lose sight of the fact we can not be successful without you. Plus over these same years we have really enjoyed meeting so many of you and appreciate the friendship that came along with that!

Secondly, while getting ready for the party that first year, we quickly realized it was also a perfect time to honor our Military Vets and their families for the tremendous sacrifices they make for all of us. So we tried to make that a focus as well. These past years Ron and his wife Ellen from "Limpits Reef" teamed up with us to raise funds for veterans, specifically thru "Honor Flights". Most of you are familiar with “Limpits Reef Buffet", the BEST food in our freezer. As he did the last few years, Ron has made an extremely generous offer to donate $2.00 to “Honor Flight” for each 7oz or 10oz package sold. We here at Best Fish will match that donation so a total of $4.00 will once again be donated for every package sold. (Plus they will be offered at a sale price of $10!) This is a great cause that Ron and Ellen enthusiastically support. For those of you not familiar with it:

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight honors all veterans by flying WWII, Korean War and terminally ill veterans from other conflicts to Washington, DC to visit their memorials. We actively promote educational aspects of this mission in our schools and our communities.. The Honor Flight Network provides all amenities to the veterans, including all transportation, meals and lodging. Everything is free to the veterans because of how much they have sacrificed for this great country already.

In addition this year we added something new. I mentioned in my original post that we will be offering a few items that the proceeds will go directly to the Vet Dogs foundation. We already purchased a number of heavy duty dog toys --- these are for the big boys. Everything we purchased has already benefited this organization. We will have these on our outside table for free with a donation jar along side these items. Whatever is donated will all be passed along to America's Vet Dogs. Just donate whatever you wish. They typically retail for about $5 -$8 just to give you an idea. (Veterans just help yourself to one, you have already given so much!)

Also like we did last year, we will have a small gift package for every vet that comes as well. Thank you for your service!

Finally the 3rd reason for the party is to laugh and have fun! Hope that we in some small way can help make your day enjoyable.

Brian and Judy
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Re: Customer Appreciation Day!!

Postby bubblewood on Fri May 09, 2014 12:20 am

You guys are awesome! I will be there. Have to leave my wallet at home. Seems like everytime I visit it's a $700+ drop :-)
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Re: Customer Appreciation Day!!

Postby Best Fish on Sat May 17, 2014 8:45 am

Here is some more info to help you plan your day at "Best Fish" this Memorial Day Monday. There are a few new things happening this year. We are happy to have Jamie Zimdars and Myles Wangerin from the country band "Crossfire" performing for you starting at 11am till ??. Extremely talented and they always put on a great show. There will be tents and tables set up outside so plan on hanging out with us. Might not be a bad idea to throw a few folding chairs in your trunk as there is no way of knowing what the turnout will be thus how much seating will be available. I would think there will be a constant turnover and more often than not, seats should be available to sit down and eat, take in the band, etc. We will have Styrofoam boxes for you to keep your fish and corals warm..?? so no need to hurry home. In my original post I referenced that I added a backup plan in case things break down as far as lines, waits, etc. I mentioned that between 12:30 and 3pm, we hired someone to keep you entertained while in line or wandering around outside. This is still the plan, and this is in addition to the music outside, should be a fun surprise for some.

Besides our giveaways, there will be four raffles that you can purchase tickets for as well. There will be a drawing at Noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. I will post details when I give this more thought. Right now you know as much as I do ... lol.

The layout will be expanded this year. We have the back door exit available for a second checkout of any items from inside the store. At that exit we will have 200 gal boxes/buckets of salt on sale at the best price of the year. You will be able to pay for the salt at any of the 3 checkout areas and pick up in back so will not have to wait in multiple lines. Also at that back door, along the alley leading back to the main parking lot event area, there will be a few closeout, overstocked or floor model items priced below cost. Besides street parking which is wide open on Memorial Day, there will be parking at the back of the bank lot and the entire "upper" lot behind the bank across from our rear exit. Any questions, you can ask anyone at the outside tables for help. At one of the tables and inside as well, we will have handouts with the sale items, raffle info and identify the items that directly benefit Veterans and Veteran Organizations that day. I will be outside displaying some new items which include a few new frag or shallow reef tanks, Smart ATO's, new small desktop Reef display. Plus more tables with sale items. Sometime in the upcoming days I will start listing some sale items. I will say now that all livestock will once again be 30% off regular prices (there will be some separate sales marked as net, no further discounts) As in the past, we will not be holding any livestock ahead of time, nothing will be marked on hold again until after the party. Sorry no exceptions, its just not practical.

I do want to tell you of these tanks I will have on sale, as they are not exactly impulse items. You can email me to hold or have one ready for pickup. Unlike all other sale items that are only good on May 26th, you can get these anytime between now and May 30th. I doubt if you will ever see these prices again, these prices are our THANK YOU prices for your business these last years :

30 gallon Breeder tank - 36x18x12 (First time on sale for this low profile tank) - $60
55 Gallon Boxed Kits - Includes, tank, top , lights, power filter, heater and thermometer - $140
65 Gallon (Not drilled) - 36 x 18 x 24 - $140
90 Gallon (Not drilled) - 48 x 18 x 24 - $149
90 Gallon (Reef Ready) - 48 x 18 x 24 - $195
125 Gal Tank (Not drilled) - $199
220 Gal Tank (Not drilled) 72 x 24 x 30 - $499
220 Gal Tank (Reef Ready) 72 x 24 x 30 - $689 Includes plumbing kits!

BIO's: Our regular employees will be on hand inside to bag all your livestock. Kevin, Laura and Tyler are pros at this now, this will be Mark's first year for the party. In addition I made this a mandatory family affair this year. I threatened them ...either help out or I promise that I will move in with them when I am old and make their life's miserable. So my daughter Dawn once again is flying up from Cape Coral to help with checking out. My new and favorite daughter in law, Amy, will work the back door along with our 18 year old granddaughter, Kylee. She just finished first in her class at Mukwonago High, has been accepted at now I have to see if that means she can count back change. : -). Make sure you ask Amy why she didn’t help out last year when she first got engaged to our son, I only brought it to her attention a few I think she married our son in spite of me. In addition our grandson Jake will be on hand to help with anything needed. Also, Jamie from the band Crossfire is our niece, so it truly is a family affair. Outside Lu Ann from Central Pets will be on hand for her first show, replacing Mark who received a promotion with Central. She will have some giveaways and have Kent, Aqueon and Coral Life products on display. I will have some real deals listed as well. All can be purchased outside. Our friend Rich will be helping out, many of you know him from WRS as Tony. He will be the real quiet guy behind the tables and will be helping with sales. His main job though is to keep me amused. Ron and Ellen will have a table with a few items for sale and of course Limpits Reef Buffet. Please do not forget to purchase some food as $4 of every package sold (on sale at $10) will be donated to Honor Flight. Phil from Wilson Pet, a major distributor in Chicago will once again be on hand. He will be working with me giving out our gifts to you as well as the extra gifts for all veterans attending. Plus he will have the dog toys made for the benefit of VetDogs that you are welcome to take, anything you decide to donate goes directly to that organization. Finally our friends Kurt and Joyce will be taking care of the food again. They have always turned down all tips that they were offered. If anyone is so inclined to tip, they along with us ask that in lieu of tipping them, please contribute to one of the Veteran causes. Donation containers will be by Ron for Honor Flight and by Phil for VetDogs....both outstanding causes. There may possibly be a couple of other tables outside, waiting for confirmation. In our front showroom, Andy will once again be selling his frags, if you have ever been to a frag show, you have seen his beautiful frags at his booth--The Fish Doctor. A first time vendor for us will be Andria. She will have some great items to tempt you. Andria is also retired military, an OIF Veteran, so we all want to thank her for her service! I hear she is a little nervous about this, so make sure you give her a hard

There will be further info coming. Getting close!!!


"Best Fish"
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Re: Customer Appreciation Day!!

Postby Best Fish on Sat May 24, 2014 8:59 pm

The following is a list of most of what we will be giving away this Memorial Day Monday. We have been putting things aside for this party for months now as we could afford to. In addition some of these items were generously donated to us. For the first time, I sent out an email to people we deal with and the response was very good. I will acknowledge all of those vendors later and encourage you to consider their products.

Here is a list of the FreeBee’s!! Sale items will be after this list.

One person per household can draw to receive one of the following.
1 100 W ELIVE HEATER $29.99
1 16 Gal Inovative Marine Kit ($349.99)
2 200 gal Boxes of Reef Crystals
1 25 Gal Rimless Aquariums
1 29 Gal Bio Cube With Stand($349)
1 2PK ATI T5 24" BULBS $41.98
1 2PK ATI T5 36" BULBS $45.98
1 48" Hagen LED $179
4 48" T5 Light $109
1 75 Gal Perfectop Tank with Furniture Stand
1 93 Cube with stand ($499)
2 Aiptasia RX $11.99
1 Alternative Reef Shelf $86.99
1 Aqueon Evolve 8 Gal Kit ($105.99)
1 Automatic Rechargable Pump Backup $119.99
1 CARBON $14.99
2 Chemipure Blue $14.99
1 Cleaning Magnet to 3/4" Glass $43.99
4 COBALT FOOD $22.99
3 Cobalt Foods $10+
10 Coral Viewing Flashlights $5.99
6 Cyano Clean ($18.99)
4 Epoxy - 2pt Coraline colored Reef Epoxy $9.99
1 FRAG GLUE $9.99
4 Frag Plug Trees ($22.99)
1 Hair Algae Removal $29.99
2 Hydor Nano Skimmers $129
4 HYDRO TOTE $9.99
4 HyperKoral $25.99
3 HyperKoral $39.99
3 Internal Power Filter $34.99
4 KALK MIX $23.99
3 Led Strip Light Fixtures $140
2 Maxi Jet 400 Power Heads (21.99)
1 Media Reactor $30.99
3 Microdiet Food $17.99
1 Moon Light-24" $63.99
5 Moonlights - $16.99
4 Nex Canisters
2 Ocean Treasure Aquarium ($179)
1 Radion G2 LED $549
2 Ramp up Led Timer $40
1 Red Sea Coral Pro Salt - $68.99
2 REEFROCK $9.99
15 Repashy Foods
1 RO BUDDY $79.99
2 Seashem ALPHA $8.99
1 SKKYE LIGHT 8W $59.99
1 Submersible Fuge Light $39.99
15 TETRA FOODS $6.99
4 Tsunami ATO ($64.99)
1 Tunze Coral Gum $24.99
1 Tunze Nano stream $69.99
1 Utility Pump $29.99

The following is the list of most of the items we will have on sale. As noted previously, our livestock will be 30% off !! I am rushing to get this out, so hopefully there are no errors, and if there are, will have to correct on Monday.

1# GFO ($19.99) On sale for $15
100 GPD RO/DI Unit ($170) On sale for $139
1321 gph Magnetic Circulation Pump - ($49.99) On sale for $29
14 Gal Bio Cube ($189) On sale for $129
175 Gal Red Sea Coral Pro (Black Bucket) ($68.99) $58 (2 for $110)
200 Gal Bx Coral Life $34 (3 For $90)
200 Gal Bx Kent $34 (3 For $90)
200 Gal Bx Reef Crystals $42 (3 For $115)
225 Bucket Aquavitrol Salinity Salt ($79.99) On sale for $65
25 Gal Marineland Rimless Tank ($99.99) On sale for $59
29 Gal Bio Cube ($229) On sale for $165
30% OFF all Fish and Corals (Off regular price)
5 Gal Zen Nano Setup ($89.99) On sale for $50
5 Gal Zen Nano Stand ($89.99) On sale for $50
ACROPOWER ($16.99) On sale for $14
Aiptasia RX $11.99 On sale for $8
Alternative Reef Frag Racks 10 % Off!
AT 400 Canister w/ UV ($129.99) On sale for $70
AT 40GPH 9W UV ($69.99) On sale for $45
AT 500 Canister w/ UV ($149.99) On sale for $90
Aqueon Evolve 2 Gal Kits ($59.99) On sale for $35
Aqueon Evolve 4 Gal Kit ($65.99) On sale for $45
AUTO BACKUP AIR PUMP ($14.99) On sale for $8
Betta Falls - Unique Mini Reef - $69.99) On sale for $40 plus addons available!
BOYD CHEMI BLUE 10oz ($24.99) On sale for $15
BOYD CHEMI BLUE 5oz ($14.99) On sale for $10
BSI Frag Glue ($8.99) On sale for $5
Calanus Zooplankton ($17.99) On sale for $9
Chinese Pendants 3 Channel Controllable - with UV, Red. and Green $249.99 / $259.99 On sale for $199 /$210
Cobalt Heaters $5.00 Off!
Colored Frag Plugs ($7.99) On sale for $5 3 for $12
Coral Viewing LED Flashlight / Key Chain ($5.99) On sale for $4
DD Frag Epoxy ($10.99) On sale for $8
Deluxe Leather Fragging Kits ($37.99) On sale for $25
DI ADD ON FOR RO SYSTEM($29.99) On sale for $20
Dosing Timers - $25.99 On sale for $15
DRY REEF SAVER ROCK 22-27LB BOXES On sale for $45
Eshopps 100gal Hnag on Protein Skimmer($159.99) On sale for $120
Eshopps 75gal Hang on Protein Skimmer($139.99) On sale for $100
Finnex Heater Controller ($49.99) On sale for $38
Frag Glue - BSI $8.99 On sale for $5
HYDOR ATO ($99.99) On sale for $65
Jeboa Wavemaker 14000 $139.99 On sale for $98
Kent 1 gal Magnesium ($36.99) On sale for $29
Limpits 10oz Reef Buffet ($13.99) On sale for $10 - $4 of every sale goes to "Honor Flight"
Limpits 7oz Coral Blend ($13.99) On sale for $10 - $4 of every sale goes to "Honor Flight"
MAXIJET 1200 ($29.99) On sale for $20
MAXIJET 400 ($21.99) On sale for $12
MAXIJET 900 ($27.99) On sale for $16
Media Reactors - Lg ($69.99) On sale for $50 - includes pump!!
Media Reactors ($49.99) On sale for $38 -includes pump!
Micro Frag Plugs - 100 CTBag ($19.99) On sale for $12
Micro Frag Plugs - 100ct $19.99 On sale for $12
Moonlights - 4 bulb ($16.99) On sale for $9
Moonlights - 8 bulb ($25.99) On sale for $18
Neptune Apex Few in stock - ask
New Item! - Reef Suds Hand Soap $10.99 On sale for $7
New Item! Artificial Coral 20% off
New Item! Cobalt DC Circulation Pump - variable 2640 Pump $129.99 On sale for $79
NEW ITEM!! 65gal DSA Rimless Reef Ready Tank ($499) On sale for $379
NEW ITEM!! 65gal DSA Rimless Tank ($399) On sale for $299
NEW ITEM!! 65gal DSA Rimless Tank with "XAQUA" ($599) On sale for $469
NEW ITEM!! JBJ Frag or Shallow Reef tank ($299) On sale for $245
PHYTOPLEX ($10.99) On sale for $7
RADION LED G2 - 3 LEFT (G3's and Pros in stock as well) $450 EA - UPGRADABLE
Radions g3 and G3 Pros Few in stock - ask
Reef glue Accelerator ($11.99) On sale for $7
REFRACTOMETER ($39.99) On sale for $25
Return Pumps 10% Off Most Brands
RO BUDDY ($79.99) On sale for $55
Salifert Magnesium Test Kit ($32.99) On sale for $25
Sea Chem 1L Reef Fusion 1 or 2 ($15.99) On sale for $10
Sicce Products 10% + off
Smart ATO - ($149.99) New Item On sale for $120
Spin Stream - increase your circulation! $26.99 On sale for $10
Stoney Coral Cutters $19.99 On sale for $12
TDS Hand held Meters ($17.99) On sale for $15
Tom Aqualifter Dosing Pumps ($19.99) On sale for $12
TOP OFF PUMPS FOR ATO $19.99 $12.00
Tunze Nano ATO ($109.99) On sale for $95
Tunze Osmolator ATO ($219.99) On sale for $200
VorTech MP 40's Few in stock - ask

Hours 11 -4Pm

Rules – not many –Same as in the past, please just draw one prize per household so that we have enough for everyone. No food or drinks by our stingray vat.

Extra Raffles this Year. We will have info available on that the day of the party.

Format …
Similar as in the past. When you see something you want, ask someone to catch it for you and they will assign you a bin number. Please try and keep your questions to a minimum so they can efficiently wait on everyone. Whenever you add more items, always tell them your bin number.

Salt can be paid for at any of our 3 locations and we will provide you a pickup slip to pick up in the alley by our other checkout area.

Sneak it out the backdoor sales: Make sure you walk around to the back of the store as we will have some really good deals on close-outs, used tanks and floor models. You can reach that easily by walking towards alley when outside. Plus another table with some stocking stuffers…free stuff they will have out at the alley table. Nothing real valuable but if you see something you want, take one.

Parking : Street is open and then the bank lot JUST along the alley, the rest is in use by us. Additional parking across alley near our back door check out, ask if you have any questions.

I will probably not have time to email or post anything else until after the party. Hope you all have a great and safe Memorial Day, whether you choose to spend it with us or elsewhere.

Please remember out Veterans and their families in your prayers. This party will have a number of things extra for our vets plus many chances for you to donate as well for two very good causes! Honor Guard and VetDogs.

Brian, Judy and the “Best Fish Crew”
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Re: Customer Appreciation Day!!

Postby Best Fish on Wed May 28, 2014 1:47 pm

Just a quick "Thank You" for coming...! Glad that many of you made the drive. I will be posting a "post party message" soon, once I get the store put back together.


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Re: Customer Appreciation Day!!

Postby Best Fish on Fri May 30, 2014 7:09 pm

Post Party Wrap-up

Well things are back to normal around here. Store is put back together, my emails are caught up, bills are paid (well and we are all enjoying sharing things we remembered about the party. Those of us outside had no clue what is was like inside and vice versa. Seeing pictures has been fun so if anyone has any, please email me or post them if you could.

So many people to thank but it must start first with thanking our Veterans for their service to our country! We hoped to do our small part in recognizing the veterans on Memorial Day and with your help and generosity, I believe we were successful. Ron and Ellen from Limpits Reef teamed up with us and as he noted, he has mailed a check in the amount of $456.46 to "Stars and Stripes Honor Flight". Thank you Ron & Ellen for your support and help with this event. In addition, there was $229.64 in the donation jars for "VetDogs". We rounded that up to $250 and submitted that earlier today. This donation is in addition to our original purchase of their toys that we purchased for their benefit. So all in all, over $400 went to this great cause. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Original Message-----
From: "America's VetDogs Info" []
Date: 05/29/2014 01:11 PM
Subject: America’s VetDogs ( Donation Submission Received
Thank you for your $250.00 donation to America’s VetDogs – the Veteran’s K-9 Corps, Inc. We truly appreciate your generosity in helping us help those who have served our country honorably. We train guide dogs for veterans who are blind; service dogs for those with other physical or emotional disabilities, and physical and occupational therapy dogs to work with amputees in military and VA hospitals.
Please note that your donation will show up on your credit card statement as “Guide Dog Foundation,” the sister organization of America’s VetDogs. Please rest assured that your contribution is being put to appropriate use by America’s VetDogs. You will receive your receipt in your mail when we have completed processing your donation. If you have any questions, please contact us at, or by phone at 866-VETDOGS (866-838-3647) Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.
Thank you again for your support of America’s VetDogs, and the veterans we serve.

Next I need to thank our family, friends and employees for all of their hard work, not only that day but the weeks before while we were getting prepared. Plus appreciate them putting up with me ... I am rather impulsive and intense so that adds a little extra excitement at times. :-j As normal, my plans and ideas are more than we can accomplish....but we came close. We again this year thank Shawn (Scote) and his brother Jason(plainrt) for their help getting those great Johnsonville brats here as well as our friends Kurt and Joyce taking care of all of the grilling. My wife Judy and daughter Dawn spent the weekend shopping and preparing everything. Our good customer and friend Rich - Tonyssrx (the quiet guy handling the raffles) helped all day setting up and tearing down. We also thank Andria, Andy, Eric and Julie for bringing their frags for you to purchase in the front showroom. Had a whole crew of other family members helping out as well. Our sales reps, Phil and LuAnn worked continuously all day and we greatly appreciate that!

We had so many of you comment on how much you enjoyed the music, Myles and Jamie. They were outstanding and the whole band, Crossfire, performs somewhere every week if you are interested in seeing more of them. Myles and Jamie often perform by themselves as well like they did here. Also wish to thank Glen Gerard for his great magic tricks, if anyone is missing a watch....well I think I know where it

We had many vendors contribute to this party this year. In no particular order (and I hope I don’t miss anyone):

Wilson Pet Supply
Central Aquatics (Kent Marine, Coral Life, Oceanic)
UPG (Perfecto, Tetra, Marineland)
Repashy Foods
Alternative Reef - Scott
General Pet
Tunze - Roger
Quality Marine
Aquatic Life
Boyd (Chemi Pure)
Sustainable Aquatics

I want to thank them all for their generosity and being a small business owner, I take special note on Scott's generosity (Alternative Reef). He is the man that makes all the frag plugs many of you use. Pretty much a one man operation yet he took the time (and expense) to send quite a few items that we gave away. Also a special shout out to Roger who distributes the Tunze line. I do very little business with him yet he was very generous in support of our veterans. This is not to take away from anyone else, you can just imagine the amount of requests they must all get for freebees throughout the year. Please support these companies when you can!

We estimate we had over 400 people attend. Just a guess but we do know that we gave out 227 gifts and in theory that was one per family. Most people came with at least one or two other people, so that’s how we came up with that number. Had a number of people come up from the Chicago area, some of which were members of Chicagoland Reefs. Always great to see them!! Then we had our Madison area and Fox Valley/Green Bay area customers make the trip as well. We do thank you all!

I want to share a couple posts from Chicagoland Reefs.

“Brian and Judy,
Thank you so much for yet another awesome event. Your obvious honoring of our veterans is so great and you definitely outdid yourselves this year. For anyone who hasn't had a chance to attend one of these, imagine a full swap, but outdoors with free food (oh God the brats!), even better deals, an awesome live band and a pretty damn good magician. That'll give you a pretty good picture. Thanks again for fostering and welcoming the reefing community in such a big way. I had fully intended to capture a bunch of photos for this post, but I was just too busy having a blast!”

“Judy saw me and gave me one of her fabulous smiles and said she didn't know I was there. I told her I was laying low because I knew how busy everyone was and I didn't want anyone to have any kind of breakdown. You guys were working your huge hearts out. Thanks again and as always, it was great seeing everyone there. I hope you guys got some rest.

We all greatly appreciate their comments, and their friendship. Means a lot to us!. We hope you all had a similar experiences.

The great weather sure was a relief. That’s the obvious huge concern in an event like this. We had 125' of tents put up but rain would have made things very uncomfortable. In spite of being such a large group, I have to say we are all pleased that everyone had such a great attitude and was so patient. Overall I think the wait time was not unreasonable and there really is not much more that can be done to reduce it. We have our "after party Employees Party" coming up next week where we talk about what was good and what we can do better in the future, so I am sure we will have some changes. (we just look for excuses to go out with the crew besides their We again will toss the idea around about having a "number system" for being waited on, though in the past we decided against it. Always open for suggestions.

I was too busy to know who won the big prize raffles this year... The 29 gal Bio cube and Stand, The 16 gal Innovative Marine Setup, The 93 Cube Tank and Stand and the Radion G2 Light. So congrats to all of you. The final Veteran raffle, a 75 gallon tank with furniture stand was won by Jason Jones and we all want to thank him for his service!!! We tried to ask everyone if they were a vet since they received a few extra goodies courtesy of Best Fish. We again want to thank all of you who served.

Overall I am pleased with the format this year. We added the entertainment and extra seating with the idea of making it a nicer day for all. This provided a relief from the inside crowds. Bringing more products outside helped as well. We will have to make some decisions about what direction we take this in the future. The growth of this since our first event is rather amazing. I do believe more things outside is the key.....but now we are back to the weather concerns. I mentioned Bradley Center to Judy and she mentioned .....well I can't repeat what she But seriously, we are all very thankful that we were able to do this for everyone. Judy and I, as well as the whole "Best Fish Crew" hope we always meet your expectations and sure hoped you enjoyed yourselves!

Judy, Brian, Kevin, Laura, Tyler, Mark as well as our families and friends. God Bless ~
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Re: Customer Appreciation Day!!

Postby BraenDead on Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:27 am

Thanks Brian! Although I didn't get there till late, my wife and I had a good time and really appreciate you setting this up!
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