Avoid Pet World Todd Drive Madison

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Avoid Pet World Todd Drive Madison

Postby tg1966 on Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:18 pm

Few weeks back we shopped Living Art, Animart and Petworld. Petworld was the only shop with a good selection of live stock. We bought a Flame Angel $88, Canary Blenny $20, and Cleaner Wrasse $10. Put them in QT tank with perfect parameters. They were all dead 8hrs later. Went back to Petworld next day and all their tanks were empty. Everything dead. Ask for partial refund. They acted like they could care less. Left phone number for Manager Todd. No call back. Went back into store and got same horrible customer service. Sure it's only $110. The staff even admitted they had full die off yet would not do anything for us.
Hate to put them on blast like this but I feel people should know to avoid Madison Petworld at all costs for saltwater fish.
Living Art seams like the only real local reef shop but I have gone there monthly and the tanks are always empty. Every time I get the same "we have a order coming tomorrow". I even went back "tomorrow" several times and the tanks were still empty.

Is online the only way to buy healthy, reef friendly saltwater fish if you live in Madison, WI?
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Re: Avoid Pet World Todd Drive Madison

Postby skanderson on Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:25 pm

living art has been selling a lot of fish recently. I was there last week and they were getting a huge order in. they had at least 100 new fish going into the system. I think that you may have been going on days when they are low on stock. they tend to get low at the end of the weekend and early in the week is always slim pickings. if you follow them on facebook you can see what they are getting in and go when they have stuff you are interested in. I would agree that going to petworld is a waste of time and money. I have also stopped going to animart. my other local source is to go to best fish in Milwaukee. I picked up a nice small magnificent foxface there for 70 bucks. they tend to have lower prices than living art but im always wary of the fish quality at best fish. just my 2 cents.
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Re: Avoid Pet World Todd Drive Madison

Postby stevenliu on Sun Mar 15, 2015 7:30 pm

I no longer shop at Petworld. Long time ago I worked there for a few months and I got fired because there were so much politics there and I think one of the managers felt threatened for what I knew of. I have went on and worked at Aquatic specialties on University until Lee sold it.
Long story short, Petworld livestock care level really deteriorated and the livestock suffered. In one recent visit one of the kids working there blatantly told me they hardly feed any of the fish since the fish was going to be sold soon anyways so they simply allow them to starve until an unfortunate customer pick them up and allow them to die at home with either starvation or disease. I understand that saltwater don't normally come with guarantee, but if they suffered a total death then they knew something was wrong with the livestock they were holding so the responsible thing was at least offer store credit- but that's if I was a store manager and with no stock holder breathing down my neck. So to be fair I don't know what kind of pressure Todd is under, but it would have been nice to at least get a call back.
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Re: Avoid Pet World Todd Drive Madison

Postby hawki on Mon Mar 16, 2015 5:42 am

Best Fish Milwaukee. They have a spreadsheet showing what they have and how long they have had it. Start with fish they have had for a while and 3 fish in a QT at once seems like alot to me. I know it takes forever to fill up a reef 1 by 1 but it is the best way. Slow and sure. Best Fish has always been by far the best customer service of any store I have ever encountered anywhere. Well worth the trip. Based on what you paid for those the difference in cost would have covered your gas.

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Re: Avoid Pet World Todd Drive Madison

Postby jelly on Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:15 am

if your looking for fish or coral give beefy a call or PM on here. he can special order anything you would like and he will tell you when it comes in so you can pick it up. hes located in Milton.
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Re: Avoid Pet World Todd Drive Madison

Postby MadCityReefer on Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:29 am

Sorry about your bad experience with Pet World, Todd is typically a nice guy but has his hands tied behind his back with policy's of the owners of Pet World that don't seem to care. There's also a lack of knowledgeable employee's to care for certain animals specially the saltwater department and the systems they have in place are the same from 20yrs ago which Todd understands need to be up dated but can't because of certain reasons. I'm not trying to protect Pet World from there actions because I would be pissed too but I highly recommend being careful where you purchase your live stock from.

My 2 favorite stores Living Art Aquarium and Best Fish. Me and Paul go way back, most of my fish are from his store. He usually has the nicest selection of fish and corals to choose from and he is LFS "support your LFS" Best Fish is definitely worth the drive. Cheap prices were talking so cheap I don't know how they stay in business cheap! Dry goods galore for example if you were in the market for a LED light fixture but wanted to check it out first Best Fish probably has it in stock and he carries just about every popular light fixture, protein skimmer, additives in stock at or in some cases lower than the internet!!

I recommend you become a friend on facebook for both fish stores or get on there mailing list to see what comes in.
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Re: Avoid Pet World Todd Drive Madison

Postby SPSKeeper on Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:26 pm

Here's my take on four sources. The only ones I've dealt with long term - (plus or minus 12 years, give or take). So you can take it however you want to.

Living Art:

Quite possibly the most knowledgeable and friendly staff I have yet to come across. Paul nailed it on the head with his team and has some of the healthiest livestock that I've seen in the madison area. Although his prices are sometimes high, I will gladly pay that knowing I'm getting a healthy happy animal. You get what you pay for. Every time I go there I leave with more knowledge and advice. Some times I just go there to be a fly on the wall and listen to what others have to say. I've only had one fish not survive from him since I got back into the hobby in December. But I now know it was because the wrasse didn't ship well. It wasn't anyone's fault, but just another lesson learned. That, and I impulse buy too much.

Pet World Warehouse Outlet:

Todd has been a great and friendly guy to get to know. Although I believe he knows more about freshwater it seems (to me anyway, I have no idea). The staff there are always friendly, happy, and have a bird/snake/alligator or willy nilly around their neck. They truly seem to care about the animals health, although there is only so much you can do. The saltwater section is sort of hit and miss sometimes. If you don't go there frequently, you won't know that some of the prices/livestock are misslabled or misspriced. You can tell that system needs some serious 21st century updating. But I've heard that the person who owns the 5(?) chains doesn't give a single crap about the health of the animals, but rather the almighty dollar. It's a shame, it truly is. But it is what it is.


This has had its ups and downs over the years, going through SO many fish store managers. Before Chris entered the scene, I was not impressed. After getting to know him better I can see that he does actually care about the health of the animals. But he's pretty much in charge of their entire saltwater system. One person can only do so much, and that's a lot of work (along with stress) for one person to try and tackle. Overall I've been very happy with the way it has shaped up. And will always be a repeat customer.

Last but not least is Beefy:

Beefy has always been my ace in the hole when it comes to anything reef related. His prices are outstanding compared to any LFS I've ever been to. His tank set ups have always been impressive along with the amount of coral that inhabit it. The only real negative to him, is that he is literally one of the best salesman I've ever met. He always takes all of my money. - (I'm obviously just kidding. I have to throw my budget over to canada whenever I stop by). He's a good friendly reefer, but he works himself too hard (seriously beefy, you gotta slow down buddy).

To sum it up. This hobby wasn't meant to be easy or cheap. If it was everybody would be reefin it up. Unfortunately, that's not possible. This hobby does need more community effort to grow and flourish. It takes everyones knowledge, advice, and help to get others interested and intrigued enough in setting up a tank. The most important thing to remember is, that just like life. There are no guarantees. It's.. life. It's unpredictable, ever evolving and ever changing. More importantly, educate yourself on what you are buying. No matter what it is.

~ Always look out for signs of unhealthy animals before buying them, and dip new corals before adding them into your system.

We are in a sense trying to recreate an entire ocean in our little boxes of water. And although that is something that is not always easily obtainable, it is extremely worth obtaining.

Have a great day/night everyone, and I hope you all get to enjoy this beautiful weather we are having!

~ Matt
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