Memorial Day Weekend Event-Latest Itinerary

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Memorial Day Weekend Event-Latest Itinerary

Postby Best Fish on Mon May 11, 2015 7:58 am

Latest Itinerary for Memorial Day Weekend . viewtopic.php?f=23&t=14495 or follow along on facebook where we will have all 3 days posted in Special Events -

Here is the latest:

All 3 days will have a table dedicated to collecting funds for “Stars and Stripes Honor Flight”. We will have items that you can just take for free (while they last) and anything that is donated goes to Honor Flight. In addition you will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets that will go for our Monday 3pm raffle for “Limpits Reef Buffet – Free food for a year!” Donated by Ron and Ellen from Limpit’s! (Need not be present to win)

Saturday – May 23rd Open 10am to 6pm

All Freshwater and Saltwater Livestock – 30% Off!
Special Gifts for Active duty Military and Veterans!
Extra Deals on Freshwater supplies, Live Rock and Tanks (Live Rock for $3 per pound)

Simply bring in any old power filter that has a cord and we will exchange for a brand New Aqueon Power Filter (Limit 2 per customer)

10:30 to 1pm These Aqueon products offered at cost while they last: Heaters, Return Pumps, Fish Foods, Water Conditioners, Power Filters, Water Changers, power heads/circulation pumps, Coral Life Protein Skimmers……

1pm to 4pm: Rummage Sale – Cheap Stuff—some good and then some junk…lol!
Fish Food Sale – Hikari Massivore – 13oz $20, Carnisticks – 6oz - $14, New Era Grazers, Pellets & more!
Aqua Top Canister Filters - !! – With UV Sterilizer - $70!!
Driftwood – 30% off!
Limpits Reef Buffet – Raffle tickets available for free food for a year! (Need not be present to win)

Sunday – May 24th Open 11:30am to 5pm

All Freshwater and Saltwater Livestock – 30% Off!
Special Gifts for Active duty Military and Veterans!
Limpits Reef Buffet – Raffle tickets available for free food for a year! (Need not be present to win)
Extra Deals on Freshwater supplies, Live Rock and Tanks

Noon - 1:30pm: Free Bettas for Kids!! - One per child - Plus FACE PAINTING!! By Suzy Sparkles
Will be handing out free bettas and bowls while they last. Mini seminar for the kids! Plus stingray feeding demonstation at 12:30 and 1:30.

1:30 – 3:30pm: FRAG SALE! Tyler will be selling frags up front in our showroom at $5 and $10! Large variety including acros! (These will be very nice frags that you see at typical frag shows for $15 - $40+.) Plus free frag plugs courtesy of Scott from “Alternative Reef” who once again amazed me with his generosity in supporting this event and our military families. Frag glue and epoxy will be on sale as well at the best price.

All Day Sunday Sales: Live Rock for $3 per pound in any quantity continues! This will not be offered on Monday as we are just too busy to box up rock. We hope to encourage those looking for rock to stop on Saturday or Sunday for your rock. (Normal lot prices less 30% will still apply on Monday if that works better for you)

Tank sales continue: Mr Aqua new 22 gallon Bookshelf in stock … will be selling the Low Iron Starphire glass version at the same price others sell the standard glass version! - $169 (regularly $289) ... RA-vi.html

Innovative Marine, Luxury Tanks, 65 gallon Deep Sea tanks, Mr Aqua tanks all will be at listed at the Best price ever!

Monday – May 25th Open 11am to 4pm
Memorial Day Appreciation Party

All Saltwater livestock – 30% Off! (No freshwater discounts this day as we need the space)
Grilling out with Brats and Burgers – Chips – Beverages! (Complimentary food till about 2:30pm)
Live Music 11:30 – 3pm Jamie and Myles from “Crossfire”
Draw to choose your FREE gift from Best Fish! 11-2:30
Special Gifts for Active duty Military and Veterans!
Limpits Reef Buffet – Raffle for free food for a year!
Raffles for Huge Prizes at Noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.
High End Products will be out by Brian – Gyres, Apex, Ecotech, Skimmers, Dosers
Donation Table- Help yourself to FREE items. Any donations will go for “Honor Flight”
Ron from Limpits Reef will be here selling his food once again.
Chuck from eLive Pet Products will here with some of their products.
Make sure to let us know if you are a veteran…will tell you about your extra gifts and raffles.

Just like in previous years, many items will be offered at or below cost – plus you will draw to see what FREE GIFT you get to choose! Hundreds to choose from.

So please mark these dates on your calendar and allow us to give back to you for supporting us. Please stop multiple days, perhaps doing your instore shopping on Saturday and Sunday. Then take advantage of our outdoor activities and sales on Monday. Will have seating where you can listen to music, have a brat or talk with fellow hobbyists.

~ Thank you so much for your support and more so For your Friendship.
As always, remember our soldiers and their families in your prayers!

Brian, Judy, Kevin, Laura, Tyler & Mark
The “Best Fish Crew”
Best Fish
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Re: Memorial Day Weekend Event-Latest Itinerary

Postby stevenliu on Tue May 12, 2015 10:41 pm

Wow I just heard someone mentioned you have this event every year and i will definitely be there!

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Re: Memorial Day Weekend Event-Latest Itinerary

Postby MadCityReefer on Fri May 15, 2015 3:18 pm

WOW absolutely WOW Brian you guys are the BEST!! This is unheard of with all the years going to a fish stores, I've never heard of fish store or any store going all out for there customers and veterans! I will see you there both Saturday and Sunday!!
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Re: Memorial Day Weekend Event-Latest Itinerary

Postby Best Fish on Mon May 18, 2015 3:33 pm

MadCityReefer wrote:WOW absolutely WOW Brian you guys are the BEST!! This is unheard of with all the years going to a fish stores, I've never heard of fish store or any store going all out for there customers and veterans! I will see you there both Saturday and Sunday!!

Thanks Cliff! Glad you can make it. I do appreciate you making the trips over the years as well as your referrals. It does not go unnoticed!

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Re: Memorial Day Weekend Event-Latest Itinerary

Postby Best Fish on Fri May 22, 2015 8:02 pm

A quick update as tomorrow is Day 1... I am not ready but it will have to do. The prep work is much harder than the actual event. is what I just emailed to those on our email mailing list.

There is something a little different on all three days but if you can only make one day, we suggest Monday as that is the day we will be giving out our gifts to you. Also that is the day with the most hardgoods on sale as we will have them available outside under our tents. If you can make multiple days, Saturday or Sunday offer you the chance to purchase livestock without the huge crowds we had in the past on Mondays inside the store. But this is our first time with this 3 - day format so we do not know what to expect on those extra days. I know many will come in looking to get "first crack" at the livestock. However, we have all the frags for the Sunday swap in our backroom plus more saltwater fish that we will bring out each day. So I guess you need to come all three days :)

Freshwater customers need to come Saturday or Sunday for the livestock sales (not offered Monday as we need that space for packing) We will have sale items more related to Freshwater on those days as well. Please know you are welcome to come back on Monday to "hang out" and listen to music, participate in the raffles and have a brat on us.

Sorry but we will not hold items or make exceptions on sales, etc. This is a big undertaking for us, maybe more than we can actually We are doing this to give back to you for your past support. Please come with a good attitude and some we will make mistakes! But our intentions are good .... we hopefully will raise a lot of money for Honor Flight ...... and of course that you all have a good time!

When checking out, we ask that you follow along as we ring up your items and place them in bags. We want to avoid any errors and you can help by working with us. Thus if you are shorted anything, at least we all know you were not charged for it! All sales are final and we can not exchange anything as we are selling many of these things at or below cost. Thanks for your understanding!

Finally....Happy Memorial Day to you all and I hope we never lose sight of what this means. Our country is great because of the people who work hard to ensure our safety and freedom. None stand taller than those fallen heroes who had the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice. Please join us in keeping those brave Americans and their families in your thoughts and prayers. We will have donation areas and all proceeds collected will be donated to Stars and Stripes Honor Flight! Ron and Ellen from "Limpits Reef Buffet" are handling much of this part of the event and can answer any questions. They will be at the first table nearest the sidewalk on Monday.

Thank You

The "Best Fish Crew"
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Re: Memorial Day Weekend Event-Latest Itinerary

Postby Best Fish on Wed May 27, 2015 6:52 pm

Thanks for the memories!

After a day to reflect and discuss this years format with our crew and a few others involved, we decided there is no going back now. The three day format certainly presented us some new challenges but ultimately it achieved our main goal....reducing the wait times and crowds inside the store. Every year we tried to tweak things to help with this problem, but the changes made did not keep up with the increased attendance. Adding more help is somewhat helpful but this is not a job where we can just throw in bodies and let them loose on the customers. New people simply can not answer the questions so ultimately they end up coming to us regardless.

Having said that, I do want to start by thanking all of my family members for giving up their holiday weekend to help out and for putting up with me. My son Don and his wife Amy worked tirelessly the whole weekend. (He has a new found respect for "fish store workers", he was a bit sore after this My daughter flew up again to help, in spite of having her husbands family from Cashton Wisconsin visiting them in Florida! So she left them all at SeaWorld and hopped on a plane to come up to help. We told her not to, but she takes after here Dad and doesn’t listen. Plus our grandkids helped out as well!

Our niece Jamie from Crossfire once again provided the entertainment. A huge thank you to her and Myles. I had countless people commenting on her outstanding voice ... if you have an interest in hearing them they will be at State Fair again this year and perform many weekends in and around the area. Check out their website or on Facebook for schedule

Finally we have the black sheep of the family...our own adopted Mr. Boom! (Rich) He has become our social director and was the guy selling the raffle tickets. He also was here every day, helping set up, tear down plus so much more! Thank you sir!


Ron and Ellen once again worked with us and were the ones instrumental in organizing the "Stars and Stripes Honor Flight Donations".

Ron is so much more organized than I am Good to have that stabilizing presence. They also donated the free food for a year for the two lucky winners! (Al Bandola and Paul Kobs) We are proud to say that we raised $994.00 this year! Thank you all for your generosity!! We will be getting with Ron and provide the check for this great cause. Ron was here all day Sunday along with Bill (willie) and Jerry (barbianj) helping with setting up the tents and working the betta giveaway event. Appreciate you all. Ron is also part of leadership on Wisconsin Reef Society. The clubs president, Tom (Tomstechnic) donated 3 memberships for a year that Rich handed out to three attendees. Thanks much for your donation! Great group of people that run and participate in the forum .... really a valuable resource for saltwater hobbyists.

On Saturday, from Central Aquatics we had Mark and LuAnn (plus her poor husband Tom gets dragged along :-h ) for our Free Power Filter Giveaway. Here they are patiently trying to explain to Tom why he needs to be here.....


They not only work that event but they helped by providing some more door prizes we handed out over the entire weekend. Central Aquatics has always been very generous with their donations and support of pet stores, clubs and hobbyists!

Sunday for the first time we had Suzy Sparkles ... wow what talent as you can see here!!

She will definitely be invited back to future events if she wants to put up with us....

We gave away 170 + bettas/bowls to kids over the 3 days!

Memorial Day Monday ....the Main Event!!! When we started this 4 years ago we never expected it to grow to this! I mean really...we thought how busy can it be on Memorial Day?? Originally we thought about closing that day. Well it has gotten so busy that we had to do something to reduce the crowd inside the store! This started as a day for us to give back to you....those that have supported us previously. Then of course we included extra for our veterans as we always do. Each year we gave out more...increase the value of the prizes and the quantities. With the prices we charge, and the gifts given out, this is not a profitable weekend for us, nor is it intended to be! It's intended to be as advertised, our time to give back to you. Last year we added the music and we had a magician wandering the crowd. Providing more outdoor activities with the hope of reducing crowds inside wasn’t Thus the 3 day weekend format. Monday was still our main day and we had a great turnout! Plus lines and wait times inside were never an issue. Normally I calculate the crowd size by how many gifts we give out when you first get here ... the A, B or C tickets. But things were not recorded as in the past as just ran out of prep time.


We want to thank Phil from Wilson Pet who once again spent the whole day here! He directed you to your free gift tables plus worked tirelessly helping us set up and tear down. In addition he was instrumental in getting some additional hand out items from vendors. Those included United Pet Group (Marineland products, Tetra, Perfecto Items), SeaChem and eLive. Speaking of eLive, their sales rep Chuck attended for the first time and displayed their pod LED's as well as a lot of their betta items. I have a couple of their newest item they are bringing in on order... very contemporary tanks from Greece - Ifalos. (hopefully here in early July) So these are pricey pieces of furniture...will target a different market than your typical freshwater fish breeders or saltwater fraggers.


Thanks Chuck for attending and your donations as well!

Scott from Alternative Reef donated a lot of assorted size frag plugs again this year. He sends these unsolicited, which speaks volumes as to his generosity and commitment to our veterans and to you all! He makes some really nice products.

Mike from Custom Aquariums in Neenah, Wi attended for the first time as well. Looking for that monster size or specific tank dimensions, they can help you out!

Now I am sitting here thinking...who am I I know there are some, please forgive me ahead of time and when I remember, I will edit everything I can to include you as well. This does not mean your contributions were any less meaningful to me, just that my memory sucks!

So the weather gave us a break and only minor glitches as far as we know. With an event this size, mistakes will be made but we always do our best to correct them for you. All we ask from you is to keep a good attitude and we will take care of the rest :-bd

We served about 350 Brats, 250 Hotdogs and 125 hamburgers this year! Thanks again Kurt and Joyce for your help....delicious as always!
All brats were personally driven down fresh from Johnsonville Brats by Shawn (scote)...Thanks once again for going the extra mile( s )!!!

Although we do not have an estimate on the total number of people attending, the 3 day total easily surpassed last year. I mentioned previously that its not meant to be profitable but last years sales were considerably higher than previous years so we had extra money. We utilized some of that on employee bonus's and a separate party for them and people that helped as well. In anticipation of a bigger weekend this year, we tripled our raffle prizes! We gave out 5 prizes to vets and then another 8 raffle prizes to anyone that’s names were pulled. (Over $5000 value total). Plus we offered deeper discounts on items sold outside...many such as Cobalt Heaters were sold under what I paid for them. Anyways, these changes resulted in me not having to worry about spending any "extra" But without question, this event is the most rewarding personally for Judy and I! It gives us great pleasure to be able to do something like this for all the wonderful friends we have made here. Not sure how long we will continue on this journey but we will do what we can to make this hobby enjoyable and affordable to you all!

Lastly but certainly not least, Judy and I want to thank our crew, Kevin, Laura, Tyler and Mark who worked their tails off this last month. We have no extra storage or space so we are constantly moving tanks and supplies around. No place to prep for this event ahead of time, so we just have stacks of boxes all over. They used to tell me that there is no way we can get more tanks or supplies in here. But after a little "minor" shuffling, they no longer question me. I see them shaking their heads and mumbling something to each other while glaring at me..... But in all seriousness, they have all been here a long time and that in itself is unusual as typically you see quite a bit of turnover in small business's. So we spend a lot of time together here and then we also take them out regularly for "business meetings" where we unwind. Spending so much time together plus working in retail with a lot of pressures, hectic days, etc ...we have our share of family squabbles.

Image (That’s Kevin and Laura)

But all gets smoothed out and we all do love what we are doing and each other :) ! They are great and each in their own way provide so much to "Best Fish" ! We do appreciate them and Judy and I as well as the "Best Fish Crew" all appreciate you! We like to think of this as your store...and never lose sight of the fact that none of this is possible without your support.

Thank you all for coming and if you missed it, put it on your calendar for next year! (If you can't wait that long, watch for my last minute after party sales this


Rich, Brian, Judy, Tony, Laura. (Left) ** Amy, Mark, Leah, Tyler and Kevin. (Right)
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