Livestock Wish List Group Buy

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Livestock Wish List Group Buy

Postby Premiumaq on Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:03 pm

Hey, MARS...

Now that we're officially a sponsor, I wanted to let you know about a new type of Group Buy we've been offering, because it's such a unique opportunity and everyone who has tried it so far loves it...

This "Livestock Wish List" Group Buy process lasts about 3 weeks. One week is for preparing quotes and shopping availability of Livestock. Week 2 is when you order dry goods/live rock/ equipment using an online code. Week 3 we order Livestock and you pick everything up. That's another unique part - someone from the club will be the pickup and delivery person, and there will be no shipping cost... Let me explain further...

At the beginning of the sale, everyone who is ordering Livestock turns in a Wish List. This is anything that you're interested in getting a quote on; if it's available on the current supply lists we'll find it. Fish, coral, inverts, send us anything at all you really want in your system. We will take each list and shop it for a quote - a rough estimate of what final cost would be for each item you listed. From that quote, you generate a list of your ideal order. You list the species, the number you want, and any instructions about sizing or color. From all of those ideal orders we generate a Master Order for the club. We hold that order until week 3.

Week 2 we generate a discount code for all dry goods, sand and live rock orders. The code lasts 7 days, and everyone gets their orders placed by the end of that week. Only dry goods, sand, and live rock need to be ordered via this method, as Livestock orders are separate and don't require the code. When you're finalizing your dry goods order, you select Local Pickup as your shipping method, and we hold the orders until the Livestock orders arrive so everything is sent out at once with your driver.

The 3rd week, after the dry goods orders are completed, we order your livestock using the Master list we created. We'll go over all of our supplier lists to find as many of your Wish List items as possible, and we'll send you a final quote based on what we expect to be able to secure - this quote will be the maximum that you could possibly spend, if every single thing you ordered arrives healthy. At this point, you can make final substitutions or additions to the list - it's the last chance. Once you approve the final order we've generated for you, we place the order.

The day the Livestock arrives is the day your driver arrives. We divide the shipments into your individual orders, and do a final inventory of what arrived and what was not shipped. We look at each Livestock item with your driver, so that they can verify the health and life of the specimen, and we bag all of your smaller bags into a larger shipping bag with your name on it... and then we pack them directly into a shipping box without ever opening the bags or acclimating the livestock. It goes straight from the supplier to you, and because we're only a stop on the way, we offer all Special Ordered Livestock at 40% off retail!

We do not charge you for the livestock until it is verified and packed into the driver's vehicle to travel directly to you. That way, you're not pre-paying for items, or being charged for items that don't arrive. We bulk order cleanup crew inverts like crabs and snails, so we get a rate that can't be beat even with a special order price and 40% off. Because of this, we offer you wholesale pricing on all cleanup crew inverts that we normally stock. Since these orders are generated online and you're outside Indiana, these orders are tax exempt. That means 40% off Special Ordered Livestock, wholesale pricing on all cleanup crew, no tax, and no shipping charge. These discounts can ONLY be had during Special Order events for sponsored Clubs.

Here are a few examples of what folks from an Ohio club just brought in, and prices they paid. Bear in mind that Livestock prices fluctuate seasonally, and specimens of various species may not always be available. These prices are examples and were calculated from 11.11.15 supplier pricing. They are not meant to be an offer or a guarantee. Your actual pricing on these same items could be higher or lower, depending on the current list prices.

- Purple firefish (N. decora) - special order, same day pickup still in bag: $13

- Tailspot Blenny (E. stigmatura) - special order, same day pickup still in bag: $12

- 1.5" Grade 1 Maxima, cultured (T. maxima) - special order, same day pickup still in bag: $21

- Fem Lyretail Anthias (P. squamipinnis) – special order, same day pickup still in bag: $12

- Midas Blenny (E. midas) – special order, same day pickup still in bag: $23

- Adult Red Coris Wrasse (C. gaimard) - special order, same day pickup still in bag: $38

- McCosker's Flasher Wrasse (P. mccoskeri) - special order, same day pickup still in bag: $13

- Lineatus Wrasse (C. lineatus) - special order, same day pickup still in bag: $108

- Grade 1 War Paint Scolymia (S. australis) - special order, same day pickup still in bag: $120

Here are some of the locked-in Invert prices...

…Peppermint shrimp $3.25 - Emerald Crabs $2 – Trochus & Lrg Nassarius snails $1.50 – Astrea & Nerite Snails - $0.80 - Blue Leg Hermits $0.75 – Margarita & Cerith snails $0.60 … (Group Buy pricing)

If this is something that you all are interested in, let your Leadership team know so we can discuss further details. (We need one member of Leadership/Admin/Ownership/BOD to coordinate with and to facilitate postings and updates) We typically need about a 12-order minimum for Livestock to make a sale like this happen, and you’ll need someone with a large vehicle suitable for picking up anything that may be ordered during the sale. We’ve found that a single-day round trip rental on a minivan is the most economical way to ensure enough room, if you don’t have a driver with a suitable vehicle. They can be under $50 for the day, and if everyone kicks in $5 it covers the rental and some gas money. Everyone who orders should be waiting on the driver to arrive back, out of courtesy, so that the driver can quickly divide up the orders and get their own stock home. They'll have a very long day behind them at that point.

Since it's already well into December, we wouldn't want to start a sale like this until after New Year... at the end of the year suppliers let their inventory dwindle, since there isn't much holiday shipping and they don't want to maintain and feed all that stock. By waiting until just after the new year, you get access to the widest variety of livestock - taking advantage of the suppliers' need to fill their systems up and to make up for slow sales over the holiday weeks.

If you have any questions about how things work, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to facilitate things like this!
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