BioCube 29 For sale

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BioCube 29 For sale

Postby Cancellara on Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:49 pm

I've made the decision to get out of the saltwater hobby for the time being, so up for sale is my BioCube 29 set up. List of everything up for sale is below, I'm only selling as a complete package.

BioCube 29 Tank, Stand, and Hood
Rapid LED Dimmable LED setup
Typhon controller
Moon Lights
Protein Skimmer
Upgraded pump
Three powerheads
Titanium Heater
Steve's Media and Fuge Baskets
Base rock
A bit of Salt, random buckets and containers, and whatever else I have laying around that might go with the setup

A couple of notes:
1. The LEDs will need to be inspected and likely resoldered. All of the bulbs work fine, but I was having issues with the white string before tearing down the tank.
2. The acrylic covering for the lights is in rough shape, but fully functional.
3. I live in Janesville and work in Madison so can work out relatively flexible delivery.

Everything listed for $350 obo. . .Cash or PayPal only please.
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