SOLD Agrimaster Stock Tanks for sale 60/100/150G

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SOLD Agrimaster Stock Tanks for sale 60/100/150G

Postby jbartig on Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:04 am

Many years ago, I had plans for two large tank projects. Both died before they could become a reality. I have a ton of equipment (some of it new) I need to sort through and get cleaned out of my basement. I thought I would start with a couple of the biggest items to get some room available.

I have three Agrimaster stock tanks I purchased years ago at Farm and Fleet. They are still in new condition and have been sitting in my basement since they were purchased. They have never been used.

They are all made by Freeland, although labeled "Agrimaster", Farm and Fleet's store brand.

SOLD - FP60 - 60 gallon 31x52x14" $40
SOLD - FP100 - 100 gallon 31x52x24" $50
SOLD - FP150 - 150 gallon 42x57x25" $75

See this page for details about the tanks:

Looking to fill these with sand? I also have about 18 bags of Southdown Tropical Playsand (Aragonite). Probably the last of it that was sold in Wisconsin. I remember visiting quite a few Home Depots to find it.
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