Livestock update 12/14/17 - Wild Caught Fish in Stock

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Livestock update 12/14/17 - Wild Caught Fish in Stock

Postby Premiumaq on Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:21 pm

Premium Aquatics has restocked this week and has some beautiful fish in store for you this weekend!  We have reloaded the standard community fish, as well as some of our staples here like the yellow tangs, tomini tangs, and foxface.  But we brought in a few cool specimens this week like the Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish, scissortail gobies, and more!  Check out the full availability list below as well.

*Disclaimer: All photos used are not our own and are intended as “stock photos”*


New Arrivals:

ReefGen Neon Yellow Erectus-Reidi Hybrid Seahorses
ReefGen Yellow Ornate Lined Seahorses
Green Serosa Dottyback
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish
Pink Spotted Watchman
Arc Eye Hawkfish
McCoskers Flasher Wrasse
Midas Blenny
Half Black Angelfish 
Lawnmower blennies and More!!

New Corals:

Purple Bush Gorgonian
Gold Clove Polyps
Gold Wall Hammer
Green Folded Brain
Zoa Mini Tonga Branches

New Inverts:

Cleaner  Shrimp
Turbo Snails
Hairy Pincushion Urchins
Curly-Que Snapping Shrimp
African Red Tip Starfish
Blue Knuckle Crabs

We hope to see you all this weekend at Premium Aquatics from 12pm to 3pm!  Tomorrow is our last day for our local food drive for the Midwest Food Bank.  Please help us fill up the box under the Christmas tree by the register to help the less fortunate this holiday season! ... estocklist
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