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Website Information
On this page you will find a variety of information pertaining to the Madison Reef Society website! The first section is an overview of the costs involved as well as the donations which have been raised to cover the costs of maintaining the website. I greatly appreciate any donations towards the costs of running the website.

The next section consists of statistics for the website, detailing the number of visitors and the amount of traffic the site has received since it was created. If there are any other statistics anyone is interested in seeing, please let me know as I have just about any and every possible stat you could be looking for.

Bob Dankert
Website Costs and Donations
The website has the following expenses: $12/month for web hosting and $14.95/year domain renewal. The site has been active since August 2004 with the following total costs:

Number of Days Running: 6389
Cost per Day: $0.4355
Total Cost: $2,782.28

To date, the following has been donated towards the website costs (Thanks to everyone who donated!!), with the remaining balance listed below:

Paypal Donations: $255.00 (15 Total)
Frag Swap 1 Donations: $127.00
IMAC '06 Raffle: $50.00
Frag Swap 3 Donations: $100.00
Frag Swap 4 Donations: $320.00
Frag Swap 6 Donations: $420.00
Frag Swap 7 Donations: $100.00
Costs Not Covered by Donations: $1,410.28

If you would like to donate, you may do so via PayPal:    
Website Statistics
MonthUnique VisitorsNumber of VisitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Aug 20041095971128363557176.47 MB
Sep 2004118725738441488123.36 MB
Oct 200410942333941832859.71 MB
Nov 2004167551977146131173.80 MB
Dec 2004145650946252570191.38 MB
2004 Total648294641294222074724.71 MB
Jan 2005257153530115142225589.66 MB
Feb 2005262170428129138198589.51 MB
Mar 20054362372442502138211020.69 MB
Apr 2005392224736791168184810.46 MB
May 2005372222736018163614790.48 MB
Jun 2005538238239663189726932.56 MB
Jul 20054562538514032179451.04 GB
Aug 2005482280143990189091961.68 MB
Sep 2005389218327348136404584.91 MB
Oct 2005406243039961172564902.82 MB
Nov 2005523235831157149695674.27 MB
Dec 2005551248933644156230773.07 MB
2005 Total50642726644246920376979.47 GB
Jan 20069804303941144048362.04 GB
Feb 20069604302871883515821.83 GB
Mar 200697551021091874448882.27 GB
Apr 20067994256656372768891.36 GB
May 20067803961555292390241.20 GB
Jun 20068003744493472079371.10 GB
Jul 20067804012663802627901.38 GB
Aug 20067464110580612917161.57 GB
Sep 20068474521455102924381.78 GB
Oct 20068254316401132468061.54 GB
Nov 20068884365449362571501.80 GB
Dec 20069844778465972855221.87 GB
2006 Total1036451770762599356157819.75 GB
Jan 200714475966627063926552.65 GB
Feb 200711815457673163860812.69 GB
Mar 200714678181954305594053.99 GB
Apr 200714687168806705410853.40 GB
May 200712666288682144342353.02 GB
Jun 200711906409854164788003.55 GB
Jul 200712297004916415690594.06 GB
Aug 200714967275968955799484.35 GB
Sep 2007149871111028925844164.55 GB
Oct 2007180280781429237948145.37 GB
Nov 2007164580331639589597947.26 GB