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Description:My dream tank which is still in the works...
Size:125 Gallons
Detailed Tank Information
Berliner Sump, Metal Halide lighting, Sea Urchin protein skimmer, Water chiller, Coraline Turbo Twist UV Sterlizer, etc, etc. For fish I have a Large Naso Lipstick Tang, Blue Hippo Tang, Lemonpeel Mimic Tang, 2 True Percula Clowns, Mandarin Dragonet, Red and Black Scooter Dragonet, 2 Bloodfire Shrimp, Bangaii Cardinal, 2 Emerald Crabs, 1 Royal Pencil Wrasse and multiple snails. For corals I have Frogspawn, Pulsing Xenia's, Star Polyps, Clove Polyp's and a beautiful Blueberry Gorgonian.
Tank Inhabitants
PictureTypeNameSci. NameAge
[[No Picture]]FishTrue Percula ClownfishAmphiprion percula13 Yr 11 mo
Tank Equipment
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