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Description:Nano Reef Tank
Size:20 gallon reef tank
Detailed Tank Information
20 gallon nano tank. lighting: power compact. circulation: whisper 20 filter, powerhead. no protein skimmer. 1/4 water change biweekly. trace elements added twice a week.
Tank Inhabitants
PictureTypeNameSci. NameAge
ClamCrocea clam bluetridacna crocea13 Yr 11 mo
Invertebrateflower anemoneepicistus crucifer13 Yr 11 mo
Invertebratecondy anemonecondylactis13 Yr 11 mo
Invertebrateyellow cucumberColochirus robustus12 Yr 11 mo
LPSFrogspawn CoralEuphyllia paradivisa13 Yr 11 mo
LPSslipper coralPolyphillia13 Yr 11 mo
LPSDisk CoralFungia repanda12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftiePurple MushroomRhodactis inchoata13 Yr 11 mo
Tank Equipment
[[No Picture]]LightingAll GlassPower compact actinic
Tank History

History created on Monday, April 25th, 2005View Full
Established at September of 2004. The fishtank originally contained a huge colt coral, leather coral, star polyps, and mushroom corals along with several fishes and inverts. The heater had a malfunction at January '05 and turned the tank into a hottub. All but one fish died. All the inverts died exc...

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