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Description:Nano Reef Tank
Size:20 gallon reef tank
Detailed Tank Information
20 gallon nano tank. lighting: power compact. circulation: whisper 20 filter, powerhead. no protein skimmer. 1/4 water change biweekly. trace elements added twice a week.
Tank Inhabitants
PictureTypeNameSci. NameAge
ClamCrocea clam bluetridacna crocea15 Yr 1 mo
Invertebrateflower anemoneepicistus crucifer15 Yr 1 mo
Invertebratecondy anemonecondylactis15 Yr 1 mo
Invertebrateyellow cucumberColochirus robustus14 Yr 1 mo
LPSFrogspawn CoralEuphyllia paradivisa15 Yr 1 mo
LPSslipper coralPolyphillia15 Yr 1 mo
LPSDisk CoralFungia repanda14 Yr 1 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftiePurple MushroomRhodactis inchoata15 Yr 1 mo
Tank Equipment
[[No Picture]]LightingAll GlassPower compact actinic
Tank History

History created on Monday, April 25th, 2005View Full
Established at September of 2004. The fishtank originally contained a huge colt coral, leather coral, star polyps, and mushroom corals along with several fishes and inverts. The heater had a malfunction at January '05 and turned the tank into a hottub. All but one fish died. All the inverts died exc...

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