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Description:Oceanic Bowfront
Detailed Tank Information
46G Oceanic Bowfront with custom Sump in the stand
Tank Inhabitants
PictureTypeNameSci. NameAge
ClamCrocea ClamTridacna crocea13 Yr 1 mo
FishYellow TangZebrasoma flavescens12 Yr 11 mo
FishOcellaris Clown FAmphiprion ocellaris13 Yr 0 mo
FishOcellaris Clown MAmphiprion ocellaris13 Yr 0 mo
FishFour Stripped DamselfishDascyllus melanurus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishLawnmower BlennySalarias fasciatus12 Yr 10 mo
[[No Picture]]FishRainford's GobyAmblygobius rainfordi13 Yr 4 mo
[[No Picture]]InvertebrateLongspine UrchinDiadema setosum12 Yr 10 mo
LPSGreen Star Polyp13 Yr 2 mo
[[No Picture]]LPSHammer CoralEuphyllia ancora12 Yr 11 mo
Tank Equipment
Water FlowCustomCustom made Sump to go in Stand
Tank History

There is no history entered for this tank.
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