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Description:Reef tank with hard and soft corals, fish and inverts
Size:37 gallons
Detailed Tank Information
My tank has many pieces of great corals that are growing wonderfully under a 96 watt power compact and a 36 watt T-5 fixture. My favorite pieces are the toadstool, hammer coral, and frogspawn from the vilas zoo. My crocea clam is pretty sweet too. Inhabitants include a cherub pygmy angel, a social fairy wrasse, a pair of ocellaris clownfish, and 2 pairs of antenna gobies/randall's pistol shrimp that live together in one burrow. I also have a cleaner shrimp, a gold coral banded shrimp, a purple serpent starfish, and 2 common stars. Everyone gets along fabulously, and I couldn't be happier with how my tank is thriving.
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