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Description:Reef in the Making
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Tank: All Glass w/ Mega Flow Setup:Crushed Coral Base, Coral Rock, Coral Skeletons, Lace Rock, Tufa Rock (all LR now) Lighting: Aqualight twin tube T-5 x4 Filtration: 30gal DIY Sump/ fuge w/ Bak Pak2 Filter w/ protien skimmer, 660 powerhead w/ sponge x2, 8 gallon refugium w/ DSB. Inhabitants:Maroon Clown x2(pair), Green, Chromis x 3, Powder Blue Tang, Sailfin Tang, Coral Beauty Angel, spotted Mandarin dragonette, six line wrasse, Flower Rock Anenome x3, Brittle Star, Serpeant star, Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Coral Banded Shrimp, Peppermint Shrimp, Black long spine urchin, Pencil urchin (now in sump), Green emerald Crabs x2, Assorted Snails and hermit crabs Corals: Candy coral, kenya tree coral, green button polyps, Yellow toadstool, small button polyps, green mushrooms, Pulsing xenia, neon green closed brain, leather, red spotted mushrooms, yellow polyps and devil's hand.
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