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Description:Fish Only
Detailed Tank Information
This tank was my first saltwater experience. The Tank: 40G Breeder Tank BakPak 2 Skimmer Large AquaClear HB filter 2 Powerheads Heater 40-50lbs base rock Snowflake eel about 16in Huma Huma Trigger Med size Damsel (I intend to remove soon) A super sweet fish that will be added soon.
Tank Inhabitants
PictureTypeNameSci. NameAge
[[No Picture]]FishSnowflake eel14 Yr 0 mo
[[No Picture]]FishHuma Huma Trigger14 Yr 0 mo
[[No Picture]]FishYellowfin Damsel (soon to be removed)14 Yr 0 mo
Tank Equipment
There is no equipment listed for this tank.
Tank History

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