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Description:Bow Front Coral Reef
Size:75 U.S. Gallons
Detailed Tank Information
this is my first attempt at a saltwater setup. Hard to say if it is going well or not. I have managed to stop things from dieing, however i have a real modest hair algea problem and cyno problem. Coral growth with Candy coral and Green star polyps is phenominal, however, my purple algea is growing really slow even with Purple Up, and keeping my calcium levels high.
Tank Inhabitants
PictureTypeNameSci. NameAge
[[No Picture]]ClamClamCrocea Derasa 12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishGreen gobyGobiodon atrangulatus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishClown FishAmphiprion ocellaris12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]Fish6 line WrassePseudocheilinus hexataenia12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishYellow TangZebrasoma flavescens12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishMandarin gobySynchiropus splendidus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishAlgea BlennySalarias fasciatus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishBlue Chromis (4)Chromis viridis12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]Fish3 stripe damselDascyllus aruanus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]LPSCandy CoralCaulastrea furcata12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]LPSGreen FavitesFavites sp13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]LPSSea Stalk Briareum Briareum sp12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]Othergreen star polypsPachyclavularia sp.12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherBrown Star PolypsClavularia sp.12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherFancy Brittle StarOphiura sp12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]Othersand sifter StarAstropecten polycanthus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherTongan Nascrious Snail (5)Nassarius distortus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherTurbo snails (20)Turbo fluctuosa12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherVarious Hermit Crabs (50)these came from Dr. fosters and smith ultimate cleaner crew 100g12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherFighting conchs (3)Strombus gibberulus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherBanded coral shrimp (2)Stenopus hispidus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherPeppermint shrimp (3)Lysmata wurdemanni12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftieBrown and green button PolypsPalythoa sp12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftiePulsing XeniaXenia umbellata 12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftieAspera Staghorn CoralAcropora aspera12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]Softie3 hairy mushroomsRhodactis indosinensis12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]Softieblue mushrooms (5)Actinodiscus sp12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftieGreen Mushroom (1)Rhodactis sp12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftieYellow polyp colonyzoanthus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SPSStylophora CoralStylophora pistillata12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SPSBrown ruffled MontiporaMontipora capricornis12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]ZoanthidGreen zooanthid colonyzoanthus12 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]ZoanthidRed zooanthid colonyzoanthus12 Yr 11 mo
Tank Equipment
[[No Picture]]FiltrationEhiem 2133 canister
[[No Picture]]Protein Skimmercyclone
[[No Picture]]Water Flow2 MP400pumps and 1 MP1200pump
Tank History

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Jauary 13th 2006

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