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Description:New Reef as of March 2007
Size:75 Gal
Detailed Tank Information
We currently have: 92lbs LR, 1 Yellow Tang, 1 Chromis, 4 Chalk Basslets, 1 Flame Hawkfish, 1 Potter's Angel, 1 Sally Lightfoot Crab, 1 Lettuce Nudibranch, some Emerald Crabs, over 100 Blue Hermits, 3 Scarlet Hermits, some Astria snails, a Serpent Starfish, a cleaner clam and whatever hitchhikers came with the rocks, a Green Trumpet, a Candy Cane, Green Ricordia, Orange Ricordia, Frilly Mushroom, Purple mushrooms, green stripe mushroom, Kenyan Tree, Pulsing Xenia, Brown Capricornis, Orange Zoanthids, Green Star Polyps, and some Brown Acropora.
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