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DSB, lots of live rock; VHO and PC lighting right now. Anthelia, xenia, zoas, mushrooms, star polyps, frogspawn, gorgonian, ect. Lots of snails and hermits, and a blue linkia. 30 g sump w/ typical equipment.
Tank Inhabitants
PictureTypeNameSci. NameAge
[[No Picture]]ClamUmbrella mushroomDiscosoma neglecta13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]ClamUmbrella mushroomDiscosoma neglecta13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishMaroon ClownfishPremnas biaculeatus13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]FishSnowflake Moray EelEchidna nebulosa13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]InvertebrateGreen bubble anemoneEntacmaea quadricolor13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]InvertebrateBlue Linkia starLinkia sp.13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]LPSGreen Branching FrogspawnEuphyllia paradivisa13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherPurple Anthelia Polyps (Waving Hand)Anthelia sp.13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]OtherPurple Brush GorgonianMuriceopis flavida13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftieXenia Xenia sp.13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]SoftieGreen Star PolypsClavularia viridis13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]ZoanthidOrange/Orange BrillianceZoanthus sp.13 Yr 11 mo
[[No Picture]]ZoanthidGreen/Green Zoanthus sp.13 Yr 11 mo
Tank Equipment
There is no equipment listed for this tank.
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